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Meet DJ Omega, bringing the world of art and hip hop together and creating his own league in music with his passion and hustle


DJ Omega leaves no stone unturned even amidst a pandemic to serve people the right kind of music through Live streams via Youtube, Instagram, and Twitch.
For long people have known how the musical world has evolved, with not just the new technological advances the industry is making, but also the number of talents it has given birth to. It is such a surreal sight to see that the industry of music has seen a revolution of sorts with the number of different genres of music it has opened doors for, paving the way for many talented and passionate individuals to come forward and display their talents across mediums, maximizing their reach. The world of Dj’ing is no different. Individuals with innate skills to understand the beats, rhythm, tunes, lyrics and the like have shown their prowess into the competitive industry by carving their special place into the same. Topping the list of such DJing artists is DJ Omega, hailing from Philadelphia and currently based in Los Angeles.
What’s even more amazing about this 34-year-old DJ is that he has exhibited his skills in not just one vertical but various others, by wearing the hat of a DJ, producer, director and also an activist. Since his childhood, DJ Omega felt an unusual connection with the music world, where he always loved listening to the radio and at only 13 years of age started his journey into the industry. Since then, he has only moved forward, creating waves in the industry with his skills in music. In his early days itself, he understood how music could be a powerful medium to bring together people across the globe and make them feel one.
Having a passion for music catapulted him as one of the most prominent and renowned DJs of the world that he is today. He has so far, worked with several notable celebrities in the industry including Kanye West, Kevin Hart, Wale, Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Winehouse, and Lil Dicky, amongst many others. Apart from this, DJ Omega in the past has even DJ’ed for professional sports clients ranging from Washington Nationals (production/player at-bat intros in 2013), Philadelphia Eagles (DJing at training camp and at all home games from 2014-2017 seasons), 76ers (production and in-game sound design in 2014-2015), LA Rams Holiday Party in 2018-19, and NBC’s World of Dance premiere in 2019.
Recently, DJ Omega did a 30 city international tour with Topaz Jones via Live Nation. He has also appeared in Guest DJ spots on NBC, Revolt Live and Bet’s Backroom. What sets DJ Omega apart from the rest of the others in the industry is that even amidst a pandemic; he has not stayed away from creating new music and keeps himself active on his Instagram Live streams @omegaisdope, as well as through Twitch & youtube, serving the right mix of art and hip hop to all music lovers. He has also consulted on Wale’s ‘Wow..That’s Crazy’ & ‘The Album About Nothing.’
During the Covid-19 phase, DJ Omega has delved into activism as well with the aim to connect people through music and work for their betterment to make the country a better place. Currently, he has been working on production in quarantine. Placing a record “June 5th/QueenznGodz” on Wale’s “The Imperfect Storm” album and will be releasing some of his works in the summer.
To know more about him or to keep yourself updated on his new projects, follow him on Instagram @omegaisdope or visit his website –
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