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Meet Joseph Carter – Military Veteran Who Turned Into a 7 Figure Entrepreneur 


Joseph Carter Served 6 years in the military as a Navy FMF Corpsman from 2008 to 2014. When he left the military, he had less than $800 to his name. He was eager to start his new life in the civilian world, but he yearned to take a different approach from the structured Military environment he had been accustomed to. He did not want to apply for a job that would force him to answer to another adult or seek permission from a superior for vacation time or to leave work early. Joseph told himself repeatedly that this life had more to offer than a monotonous job with an hourly wage.

Joseph’s story is a true testimony to the notion that anyone can succeed in life, regardless of their background. When Joseph was honorably discharged from the US Navy, he embarked on a road trip from where he was stationed in North Carolina across the country to San Diego, California. He immediately enrolled into college, only to receive discouraging advice from a professor who recommended he drop out due to low grades and excessive tardiness. Eventually, Joseph was dropped from his classes. This proved to be a blessing in disguise, as he went on to build a network marketing company from the ground up. He built a business of 35,000 plus subscribers, producing $2.8 million a month in sales. He later sold his position for profit and pivoted his talents to a new platform – Amazon – where he encountered amazing success. Joseph managed to generate an impressive five figure passive income from his online store. He then leveraged this success and began educating others on his strategies, so that they could mirror his science and succeed as well. Driven by his passion to help others acquire skills and profits, Joseph welcomed massive success from coaching the masses. Joseph now offers an Amazon automation service where he and his team are managing and running Amazon stores online for his clients. He is flourishing both personally and financially as a mentor, all while enjoying life in the simplest ways.

Joseph resided in Florida and San Diego, California over the past five years. He owned a large home in Florida, but he was craving a change of scenery. He decided to switch gears and migrate to a luxury high rise in Downtown San Diego. It wasn’t long before he discovered that neither of these living situations brought him much fulfilment. Desiring much more freedom, he became bored of staying in one place and made the brave decision to sell everything.

Joseph expresses that he “fell in love” with the feeling of being free unconfined to a career and living life on his own terms.

Just a year ago, he found even more gratification after he purchased a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Van and invested in over $30,000 of interior upgrades to make it livable. Today, he comfortably travels along the west coast of the United States. After finally manifesting a complete sense of liberation across his living situation and profession, he insists that he’s never been happier. Joseph’s current goal is to help other people do exactly what he loves – journey uninhibited along the west coast, sunbathing and stargazing as he pleases.

You can keep up with Joseph’s story by connecting with him on Instagram @amazonpays

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