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Dear Media: Pls Stop Making The Sheena Bora Case A Soap Opera, There Is A Lot More Happening In the World That Needs Reporting


We talk about everything through media, and reflect on various aspects of living as a law-abiding and responsible individual.


But more recently, we have seen how both electronic and print media have started focusing more on one single issue, and broadcasting it till all the other news topics got sidelined in the minds of the public.

The Whys and Hows

A case in point would be Sheen Bora’s murder mystery. Surely, the country does not require a minute-to-minute update regarding a family drama – even if were about a highly influential one. Yes, news feeds must carry information of any latest happening but a daily coverage on the same, by every news channel, with tens and hundreds of commentators are nothing but a complete disregard to the larger purpose of media and its methods.

Do they give the same amount of importance to EVERY murder that takes place? 

While the media hubs were busy dissecting the case and being detectives themselves, the general public missed out on some news pieces that deserved more coverage:

  1. A 3 year old drowns in the shores of Europe in the biggest refugee crisis of recent times –

As if the crisis was not enough in itself, pictures of a young boy who had drowned while his family tried to flee to Kos, surfaced on the net.


  1. The Rupee continues to dip in value –

The currency plummeted downhill by 29 paise to reach Rs. 65.83 against the US dollar. According to forex dealers, a combination of “domestic factors like growth constraints in the midst of lack of revival in investment climate as well as weak earnings” resulted in the fall of rupee value.


  1. The Chinese stock market crashes –

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the central bank, cut interest rates and trimmed banks’ reserve requirement ratios (RRR) in an attempt to support the slumping stock market.


  1. Gumnami Baba was in truth Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose –

The Times of India featured a news article on 7th September 2015 on views of people who had actually interacted with ‘Bhagwanji’ – Gumnami Baba – and believed without a doubt that Netaji had indeed lived long enough to return to India.



In its attempt to enlighten and inform the public about certain news clips, media houses have started to emphasise on those that would interest the people, instead of reporting without bias and a hidden agenda.

It’s important to go back in time and engage in unforgiving and powerful journalism, instead of turning into a soap opera.         



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