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Where F*** You Sign Changes From Middle Finger To Vagina: Yash Raj’s Man’s World: ED Review


“Have you seen a film called ‘FATHER INDIA’?

 No, you haven’t because it was never made.”

This is not what I’m saying but the thinking of Kiran.

Kiran is our new web series “Man’s World’s” lead hero who thinks feminism is shit.

Digital India has become a very serious issue, and very big brands such as Yash Raj are also now capturing the audience via platforms like YouTube and have come up with a new TV series called “Man’s World”.

All of you must have seen it by now but for those who haven’t yet, this is what the story is like.


Short Movie ke “STORY”

A common man, Kiran, thinks that women in society don’t need feminism and he doesn’t care for gender equality as he believes that women use their gender to get ahead in the world. He feels that woman just fight for equality but don’t have the guts to take the risks. So for him reserved seat, woman company picnics etc. are just waste of time and energy. After having a tough day, in a drunken state he asked God to reverse the way things are in society.

Much to Kiran’s shock, a role-reversal does happen and a new world comes into being.

The title:


Imagine a world where men are out-numbered, raped, eve-teased, PMSing, whining about menism, have to compromise and being discriminated like billions of women face each day!

You’re going to freaking flip! Right?

Well! Breaking the clutches of a chauvinist, male-dominated and gender biased superficial world we live in, Yash Raj Films has envisioned a ‘Man’s World’ as a satire where all things that happen to women, are men’s problem now. Hence the Man’s World!

From Patriarchal to Matriarchal:

Everything changes drastically, the song Kamli becomes Kamla, Daya from CID becomes Diya, the reserved seats are now for men and women are seen everywhere driving buses, autos, there are billboards of “Ek the tigress” etc. It becomes a world where the fuck you symbol is not a middle finger anymore but symbolic of a vagina.


One of the best scenes is when Kiran’s mother shouts at him and says “Doesn’t he know he is a boy, doesn’t he know his place in the house, I’ll ask him to leave his work and sit at home and do housework.” I’ll kill to hear this once from an Indian mother’s mouth.  The changes are very funny and make you chuckle every five minutes

The Script, the line , the actor: Everything that makes you go WOW!

Best Dialogues from the series were

“On behalf of physics, I apologize” when he falls on a girl when the bus stops suddenly.

“Life is a war between chest and breast”

“Boss ko impress karna hain toh open shirt ke two buttons khol ke ja” when he is going for his promotion meeting.

“Handsome hun toh intelligent nai ho sakta” when Chang feels that his work is not appreciated.


For this comedy series, Richard Curtis, who is also the writer-director of popular movies like Notting Hill and Love Actually  and Mr. Bean has been roped in by Y Films, the youth spin-off of Yash Raj Film, and surely he has done a great job with the plot and the dialogues. The actor, Gaurav Pandey is a very good choice for this role, as he suits the role of the frustrated hero who gets drunk and starts talking to god in Bollywood style.

The Goal

Written and directed by Vikram Gupta, it is an initiative to spread awareness about gender equality, which is one of the pivotal concerns of UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development.



Surely this is a great attempt to make people aware but in the end I think both the genders are equals already, just because woman suffer from periods four days a month doesn’t mean that we need sympathy. In the end it’s not about pity but respect and acknowledgement that we can work irrespective of becoming suppressed for this long.


But then all you boys out there, if you ever want to know what it takes to be a girl, this video makes for a must watch.

Answering the question posed at the end of this series, YES! We can imagine a world like this. Can you?



Nishita Karun
Nishita Karun
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