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Manju Chaudharyy the talented young professional makeup artist


Manju Chaudharyy is an exceptionally talented makeup artist who has achieved a notable position in her field of expertise. She runs her own brand by the name Manjus the world of glamour. She has worked hard towards building her business with her dedication and passion. Her persistent efforts to make a difference have been her biggest assets. She does what she likes doing the most. Work never seems too burdened for this is something she does out of passion.

She worked over the years to build her own brand from scratch as an amateur and has established her own identity in the makeup industry. She kick started her career as a freelance makeup artist and at present owns her own studio by the name Manjus the world of glamour. She has several attributes that have aided her professional growth. She works towards providing the best and utmost service to her clients. Client satisfaction is her top most priority. Her goal is to give her clients the transformation they want. She specially works on all her clients requirements giving them the best makeover in times.

Manju’s journey towards success was not an easy cup of tea. She faced several major hurdles, setbacks and challenges. Initially this was a very new thing to her and nobody was there to support her in her journey of becoming a makeup artist. Experiences both positive and negative were her biggest teachers. She learnt a lot from the different situations she went through. She aims to open her branches in different states of the country and to be the brand ambassador of the known makeup brands. This is her biggest dream and she is working hard to make it happen. She dreams and works towards establishing her brand in the country by the name Manjus the world of glamour. Her success and hard work have aided her professional growth. She is sure to reach greater heights in her career front with her dedication and hardwork.

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