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10 Toronto Rappers Up Next


Toronto has an impressive music scene filled with new talent. After the success of artists like Tory Lanez and Drake all eyes have been on the city to see who will be next. Here are a few artists that stand out as the ones who will be making noise for 2021 and beyond.

#1. Pressa 

Pressa is the number one artist to blow up out of Toronto for 2021. He recently released his first project with Sony Music the “Gardner Express” EP. Pressa had features from Jackboy, D-Block Europe and Flipp Dinero on the tape. His previous projects include both Lil Uzi Vert and Tory Lanez. His Toronto based team 365 Management Group says he now lives in LA full time. 

#2. Top5

Top5 is a well known rapper from Toronto who has been seen around Drake and the OVO crew. Top5 was trending on YouTube for Canada with his recent collaboration with Why G “Heard of Me”. He connected to the team at 365 Management Group Inc. last year and has dropped hit after hit all 2020. Top5 has gone from being known best for his Instagram Live and online fun to a serious artist in the city. 

#3. 3MFrench 

3MFrench is the artist who was heard most in the club’s before the lockdown hit Toronto. He is well known for his tours and hits released over the last few years. Last year 3MFrench released a full project with 6ixbuzz and Create Music Group that was considered one of the best projects in the city by many. He has recently been pushing other Toronto artists YC and TwoTwo and his new label MMM Records.  

#4. Why G 

Why G is one of the next contenders for the top spot in Toronto. He has a different unique style of flow that resonates with his US audience. Why G is affiliated to BFR Records and has recently released music videos with Pressa and Jay Critch.  

#5. J Neat

J Neat released his most recent project “Lost Soul’s” to critical acclaim last year. His EP was covered by major newspapers like the Toronto Sun and a plethora of music outlets like Complex Canada. J Neat is an artist who has a big team he works with 365 Management Group Inc. and is affiliated to BFR Records.  

#6. Hoodz9

Hoodz9 made some serious waves in the Toronto music scene during lockdown. He released a music video “Adore” featuring Tory Lanez on WorldStarHipHop. Originally from Africa he now lives in the Toronto area and has other music videos with Houdini and Yung Tory.  

#7. Trae Gold 

Trae Gold is best known for his connection to the Soul Gala collective. While most artists took a break from dropping music during the lockdown he consistently dropped music videos and vlogs all year. Trae Gold has almost 300,000 views on his own channel and his most recent video was just released on 6ixbuzz a big Toronto platform.

#8. Saint Tyson 

Saint Tyson is a new artist who has been very quiet over the last year with visuals. He has a growing fan base on both Instagram and Spotify. Saint Tyson is one of the unique faces and sounds in the Toronto area that is ready to take off for 2020. Saint Tyson is ready to take in Toronto with his new team and is connected to music executive Ivan Albery Powell.  

#9. LaZz 

LaZZ is an upcoming Toronto artist who is well known for his stunning live performances. He is also a fashion model and was the face of a recent Foot Locker campaign across billboards and stores. His debut project “Dreams of a Hustler” is considered a classic by many of his Toronto listeners. 

#10. IJF Preach 

IJF Preach is a rapper out of Toronto who is changing the way the world sees local artists. Most rappers have made it popular recently with auto tune and a street image. IJF Preach has been making noise with his clean fun image since connecting with the management team at Tom Hickey Media.

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