Delhi witnessed sudden rain and hailstorm today and people have mixed feelings about it.

While some people romanticised the weather and enjoyed their hot beverages at home, some had to experience the wrath of the scary sudden Delhi hails.


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Many just had a good laugh about how Delhi (or Noida?) is the new hill station!

Here’s how Twitteratis responded to sudden Delhi hails:

1. Delhi is the new hill station in the North

2. It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s HAIL

sudden Delhi hails

3. The usual Bollywood-yy OLE-OLE-OLE-OLE

4. And more Bollywood-y “Masti hai mastano ki DILLI-DILLI”

5. Why, god, why?

6. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

People might have these fun responses but these hails were definitely bad for crops. Farmers are the most affected by these sudden rains and hailstorm. Lets just hope the damage isn’t a lot!

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Source: Twitter

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