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Man Of The Match Wins 5 Litres Of Petrol In Bhopal Cricket Tournament

Man wins a match and wins in life...


With petrol prices increasing for the 16th time in the last month, giving out petrol is almost as valuable as handing out cash awards.

Did I Read The Above Bit Correctly?

Yes, you did. In a local cricket tournament in Bhopal, the Man Of The Match in the finals won 5 litres of petrol. Salauddin Abbasi was awarded this hilarious prize in lieu of his performance for the finals that happened on the 1st of March.

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Is There A Reason Behind It?

Reportedly, the tournament was organised by Congress leader Manoj Shukla, therefore it is plausible that the award might be a jab at the increasing petrol prices in the country.

That is, however, not the best part.

The Best Part

The best part is always the netizens’ reaction and the funny, witty captions that come along with it.

Colgate sponsored petrol, for sure
He still cannot grasp the reality
These people said it before it was cool
I mean, petrol is almost touching INR 100

Image Sources: Twitter

Sources: News18, Times Now, DNA India

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