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The Lunchbox heads to BAFTA!


Indian Cinema finds its foot in Hollywood.

7 years ago, Slumdog Millionaire led to two Academy Awards coming to the nation. And since then Bollywood is slowly but strongly making its way into the Hollywood territory. 2015 New Year has begun on a marvellous note for the fraternity, with ‘The Lunchbox’ grabbing a nomination at the British Academy Film and Television Awards (BAFTA). It has been nominated in the ‘Film Not in the English Language’ category. The nomination has assured the Cinema makers that original story will always be appreciated, given what. . The other nominees include Ida, a Poland-Denmark co-production, Russian film Leviathan, Brazil-UK co-production Trash and Belgian film Two Days One Night.


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Rising BAFTA overtaking OSCARS?

BAFTA awards are slowly and steadily closing to the honour enjoyed by the Academy Awards. The proof- it is known as the British Academy Awards. Preceding the OSCARS in its nominations, the list is an interesting mix and in many ways way different than the OSCARS. This is what makes BAFTA unique and prestigious. Being serious yet quirky and fun at the same time has always attracted audience. Being nominated in BAFTA is a big thing. Known for selecting and awarding the best of its times, nothing beats the happiness of finding yourself in the list. Supplementing is the fact that it gives equal chance to every person in the fraternity, be it a debutant or a heavyweight person; be it a top favourite among all or an unusual out of league. The experimenting makes it different from the rest of the many awards and has made it what it is. And amongst this when an Indian film gets a BAFTA nomination, the world seems a dream, which came true this year.



Lunchbox is tasty, different and special.

A small independent film based on a mistake enters the hearts of the audience with ease. Highest grossing film in foreign, this low budget, co-production film has astonishing achievements to boast off. Reassuring everyone that there is nothing like an original story, dabbawallahs are the new heroes. No songs, no dance sequences, no over the top dresses; just ample amount of emotions and reality with events and acting that keep one enthralled. The idea of two people connecting over a mistaken delivery of lunchbox and then falling in love with each other, a magical mystery and a fine thread which connects those two with the viewers; sounds different. This difference has made the BAFTA go week in the knees and gives Lunchbox the much deserved nomination, an icing on the cake.



Lost between Politics, Awards and Releases

Where on one hand, the list for accolades for Lunchbox continue, there have been some bruises as well. This BAFTA nominated film was side-lined and ‘The Good Road’ was selected as the official entry from India for the Oscars. This decision by the Oscars committee remains an emotional aspect concerned with the team. It is still a sore spot for the entire team. Why such a decision? Is there someone behind it? No one knows. But a hit among critiques failed to impress the committee and stands out of the academy awards.

Further on the other hand, this BAFTA nomination is less known to more than half of the Indian population. Rather being excited about the BAFTA event, the nation is probably more excited about ‘masala flick’- TEVAR. A should- be moment of pride is not so for the Indians except the team and Industry people who are aware of it. The award hullabaloo, marketing gimmicks of films and the gossips have kept this news far from breaking news! A thing to be proud of takes a backseat because of the masala flavour which Indian masses demand.




Fingers Crossed

8th February – the day team Lunchbox will walk the BAFTA red carpet. Cameras will go click, click and reporters will throw questions at them but with crossed fingers and nervousness the day awaits them for a lifetime experience. The nation’s best will be there to make Indian film fraternity and the country proud. Stay tuned to the television sets, because this will be a moment no one knows when will be repeated again. Hoping for a historical achievement! Cheers and All the Best to ‘The Lunchbox’.


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