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Insignia 2k15. B-Fest. Xavier’s Kolkata. ‘Nuff said.



The fest season has officially begun in the country. After the IITs shining at Antaragini and Mood Indigo, now is the time for *drumroll* Kolkata knights ‘Xavier’s’. The college is one of India’s best Commerce and Science colleges. It has repeatedly featured on the list of Top Three undergraduate colleges in India, in surveys conducted by both India Today and Nielsen.

The Xavier’s Commerce Society’s nationally acclaimed event Insignia is back with its 7th chapter to uphold the sanctum of peaceful management amidst the heart of chaos.

For those of you wondering what Insignia is, don’t worry! ED will solve all your queries for it.


So first things first, what actually is ‘Insignia’?

It is a National level Management festival organized by the Commerce Society of St. Xavier’s, Kolkata wherein the undergraduate students aspire to revisit certain aspects of life. The participants go through the proverbial Test of Fire, and emerge as champions, leaving behind ‘insignia’ of their excellence.

This time it promises to be more exciting, nerve-wracking and more challenging than ever.


What exactly will happen?

Events include those in the realm of Human Resource, Marketing, and Finance among many others including the most coveted tag of “Best Manager” at Insignia.

The competitions are:

Business Quiz:  The preliminary round is an online quiz competition. The top 6 teams will be called down to Kolkata for the final round.

Business Plan: For the preliminary round, the participant has to submit an executive summary of their business plans. The top 6 teams will be chosen and called to Kolkata to present their complete business plans.

Advertising: Either one of the following can be chosen; Brand Wars or Societal Marketing. The teams are required to prepare a video and an advertisement which will be uploaded on Youtube and Facebook respectively.

These events are open to any undergraduate student and are accessible online on www.nationals.xcsinsignia.com


What’s in for you?

This is the opportunity to establish your pre-eminence on a National scale. False notions of paramountcy shall stand dispensed and new champions will emerge. Rise to the occasion and claim what could be rightfully yours, if you think you are up for it.

Hitch on to this caravan, manifest your expertise and walk away with the epithet of “National Champions”.

Register your team to explore the new shores.

Cash Prizes worth Rs.60,000 and much more up for grabs.

Application deadline is 21st January.  Hurry! 5 days 11 hours 45 minutes left!


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