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Is love lust?



Dear diary Amelia,

You know there’s always one question which haunts my mind that will I be able to find my true love? But more importantly I wonder in today’s times is love nothing but just lust?

Let’s go back and think about that time Amelia where the tradition of courtly love existed. Oh, before you get confused about what really is courtly love, don’t worry I am here to tell you. A long time ago a love story between a knight and a woman of a higher status was very common. Usually this woman was married to another man and the knight used to sing songs in the lady’s praises. The man would raise the woman to a pedestal and then praise her. He used to suffer in her love on which the woman would have pity on him. The lover would be happy as pity it was believed was just one step away from love. This form of love did not involve lust at any stage; it was sheer pure love even if it wasn’t consummated.

When I think about our time, I wonder is true love really lust. If I look at mom and dad, how happily they are married for the past 23 years, I am forced to believe in the contrary. For me love in the true sense is the love both of them share, pure, safe, secure and unconditional love. But then when I think about my own past relationship I know why things changed, coz someone I thought I loved made “love” to another woman. See Amelia even when we want to refer to sex, we use the term “making love”, making it extremely obvious what love here means.

I have thought over this about a million times and I always come to the conclusion that how one defines love and lust is totally subjective. For instance it is said that when one indulges in to the art of making love, it does not actually mean that they are in love with that person. So at some points I feel that love is not actually just lust, there’s a lot more to it. Love makes one happy, it makes one proud, it’s not jealous or insecure, and it’s just the world’s best feeling. But then past experiences tell me maybe for a large number of the people in the word, love is nothing but just a means for satisfying sexual bodily pleasures, just lust.

I know Amelia you must be wondering if love does not mean lust in any manner. No, that’s not what I mean; love is not equal to lust rather it constitutes of lust. It’s very important to realise that lust is not a sin. But again, love that’s just lust and cannot survive without bodily pleasures should probably end because once their bodies fail to satisfy the other, there love would render meaningless, it will automatically come to an end.

Anyway, I am very sleepy Amelia, plus this bed is calling me to be his love interest for a few hours now, so I’ll write to you in a while.





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