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Lokpal Potential For You And Me … Big !!!


                      Do You Know What Will happen if India Gets Back 1,456 Lac Crores Back?

  1. India Financially No.1:- Meaning that India can Regain its Title… The Golden Bird ..also Gold Imports might rise to 1000 tonnes this year..
  2. Each District gets Rs.60K Crores & Each Village Rs.100 Crores:- means No More Urbanization problems as people might shift to future high tech villages…
  3. No More tax payments for Next 20 Years:-means I will not study CA and no more CA’s will be required..
  4. Petrol Rs.25; Diesel Rs.15; Milk Rs.8 :- Wow More rides for boys with girls in their car…
  5. No More Electricity Bills:- Hehe.. No More Standing in ques in front of BSES etc…
  6. Indian Borders stronger Than China Wall :- Now PAK can seriously get out…and we relax..
  7. 1500 Oxford Universities Come Up:- No More Missing Your Children .. Have fun In India …
  8. 28000 k.m Rubber Road:- Whooh … reach anywhere without hicc cc cc u pp ss …
  9. 2000 Medicine & Treatment Free Hospitals :- Solves The Current Doctor Crisis…
  10. 95 Crore Indians Will have Their Own House :- Great No More Silly & Irritating Builder Messages… no more acquisitions.. farmers work at peace..

Just Don’t Support Anna Hazare But More Importantly The Lokpal Bill… Waise How Was The Anna Lila Anyone watched??? Must Be awesome


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