Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Is Gold The New Silver?


Gold peeked a new high of Rs.26840 per 10 grams, riding high on firm lowering trend in the global markets…..
 As all of us know Silver reached levels of Rs.60000 in just a few months, Gold has continously been showing signs of becoming the new silver as I think that it will reach 30000 in Mid September or Before …
This is so since the Domino Effect of the 2nd Depression is spreading from the American Continent to The European Countries and is already affecting the Indian Markts Heavily …
And buying Gold has always been the 2nd prefernece of the Indian Investor after the shares…
Plus Gold is not as volatile as Silver has been because Silver fell down like a stack of cards recently..
SO Happy Gold Shopping!!! Guys don’t wait… buy at current levels and sleep over the matter till September when it will reach the 30K level ….



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