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Stevie Resigns, What An Apple He Had Designed…


Steve Jobs Yesterday Before Resigning.

Steven Paul Jobs, a college dropout [REED], a Buddhist and an idiosyncratic, individualistic Silicon Valley entrepreneur who always emphasized on the importance of design and aesthetics. Also Called “the most famous maestro of the micro”, honored with 7 prestigious awards sent a message to Apple Inc. saying ‘iResign’.

Stevie was the person to build such a strong goodwill for Apple Inc. in the market. Since Steven has rejoined Apple in 1996, the company has enjoyed dominance in the international markets. We all have seen How Different ipod/ipad/iphone/Mac Book/icloud generations have benefited us in the recent years.

Steve never used market Research before launching any product as he strongly believed that imaginative designs and technology will be effective for the public.Today was not the day of a CEO, but it was The Day For THE CEO To Resign.The Effect could be seen when Apple Shares dropped 5% down and Walt Disney Shares upto 1.5%.

Tim, his most trusted was named The CEO as this was decided earlier.He will have the pleasure of the most unimagined office of the Corporate World In The Silicon Valley.I Just Admire The Office’s Outlook and features.

Plus I Think That Now Apple may not be at the pinnacle as it was because of Jobs but it will be great to see Apple Eating A larger Bite from now on. Plus What Apple Needs is their immortal ideas and innovations to keep coming up to dominate over their followers [ Dell, BB, Hp, etc you know guyz]. All they need to do is not let Steve die in the Public’s Heart.

But even though Jobs retired, he assured that he will still be a part of the company from the back and will keep inventing for the Apple Inc.All I can say is that “iSad’ but Apple is still Apple and will always be.



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