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Lok Lok: We Liv’ED It!


Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat: Instant Messaging is a hit. Smart phones have connected people in an unimaginable way. An addition to this interesting collection of Instant messaging applications is Lok Lok. Chat on locked screens, sound interesting?

Yes, you don’t need to enter that lock code on getting the notification. Just type on the Lok Lok Screen and share with the members of your group. So we at ED bring you yet again the personal experience of the app with some interesting uses.

Lok Lok: Liv’ED It

With this Lok Lok took me into its world.



Create a group of your close friends with whom you want to share thoughts that very second.




And Get Started. Flaunt your doodling skills.




Till the time you to choose to keep your talents and thoughts to yourself, this is what the initial Lock Screen of your phone looks like.  Eagerly waits for you to start chatting with those special ones.




And then it’s pretty easy. It is an empty canvas for you to paint on it. Add those smileys or write your message or draw, do whatever you feel like.






Change colours and brushes with those features on the top panel.




Use the tick button at the bottom panel and this becomes your lock screen until the next.  For a new, double tap on the screen as below and leave notes and other things, drawing directly on friends’ screen.




Wanna share an instant click? Easy peasy, use the camera function, have a ‘Lok’.




A very easy to use instant messaging application, Lok Lok changes your style of texting. Believe me; I could not leave it for a moment. It just refreshed those school time memories of writing on the desks, notebooks to share with the person sitting next to you. But with a few twists -the notes and drawing exchanged here are not saved. So no proof for those profs :P. Plus you can chit chat with not just the person right next to you but a person sitting in far of corner of the world. Yayy.

That’s not the End.

With a new creative lock screen, this can come to a special use of yours too. When not in mood to connect and use it with friends use it as the reminders. Keep the To-do list, those important formulas etc. on the go.




You try unlocking your phone and it’s visible. What better way to remind yourself than this, because phones surely never are out of our hands.


Criterion Rating (out of 5)
Concept 4.5
Features 4
Ease of usage 5


Try using your lock screens to connect with friends and share those precious moments with everyone. Lock Screens will no more be a hurdle but a pathway to do so. Use Lok Lok and tell us what you feel for this entrant in the messaging world.



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