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Friendly Fridays Chapter 40: Chef Sanjeev Kapoor


ED proudly launches its Foodies Campaign with Top Chefs for September’s Friendly Fridays.
AND so this week on FF we have someone really special to launch this campaign for us.

Please put your hands together (and eyes glued to the screen) for the ONE and the ONLY, the Amitabh Bachchan of food industry, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor !

Without much ado let’s see what he has to share with us.


Team ED: Sir, How did it all begin? When was the first time you realized that being a chef was all you ever wanted?

Sanjeev Kapoor: I have always been studious and at the risk of sounding immodest, been among the high rankers.
Becoming a chef was never a part of my growing up dreams even though food had always been high on the list of my family’s priorities. It just happened while I was actually planning to get into architecture! But on a friend’s behest, applied for Hotel Management as well. Got a call from Hotel Management, PUSA, finished the admission formalities and began with the beautiful journey!

Team ED: If not a chef what would you be?

Sanjeev Kapoor: I would have been an architect for sure!


Team ED: Which is the most unusual (weird) dish that you have ever eaten?

Sanjeev Kapoor: Grilled Sea Dragon in Beijing.

Team ED: One dish, according to you, that you can’t make perfectly?

Sanjeev Kapoor: Everything that my wife makes, she makes it BETTER.

Team ED: What is the dish you would cook when hungry at 2 am?

Sanjeev Kapoor: A dish with mix and match of ingredients in my fridge or kitchen shelves.

Team ED: What is the craziest thing that you have ever done?

Sanjeev Kapoor: Launched a 24 hour TV channel FoodFood.


Team ED: What is Sanjeev Kapoor’s success mantra?

Sanjeev Kapoor: Taking the path which is less traded, accepting challenges, smiling in adversities and being honest to myself!

Team ED: What is the craziest fan e-mail that you have received/ craziest fan that you have ever met?

Sanjeev Kapoor: A press reporter who kept following me to different event of mine in different cities.

Team ED: One secret that no one knows but you would want your fans and our readers to know?

Sanjeev Kapoor: I am not from this planet!

Team ED: Lastly, Sir, do you plan to get 6 packs also like other chefs of this generation?

Sanjeev Kapoor: My smile is a bigger draw, and I know it :)

Team ED: Time to wrap up, Thank you so much, Sir. It was such a pleasure talking to you. 

Sanjeev Kapoor: I had a great time too! Thank you.

Stay tuned for the next edition of ED’s Foodies Campaign with another Top Chef from the country.

Till then Adios Amigos!

See you next week.

To have a look at the other interviews in our Foodies Campaign, please click here:

(Interview Conceptualized by Bhavya Shrivastava)

Friendly Fridays
Friendly Fridays
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