Meta’s Facebook sends out a forewarning to all Android and Apple users that certain applications have turned out to be harmful, as people’s credentials might be at stake. These apps could be the ones that we use in our day-to-day lives, like gaming apps, music players, wallpapers, photo editors, fitness apps, and many more.

Credentials Of Millions At Stake

The social media Hulk, Facebook, left its users tensed and concerned with its announcement about the credentials of millions being in jeopardy. Meta claims that several applications trapped users into sharing their login details with them and then hacked their accounts.

A report issued by Bloomberg states that some of these scam apps are found on the Apple Store, while 90% of them are Android apps.

The terrifying part about this scandalous incident is that the applications are used for purposes in daily life, making it difficult for users to even think of these apps as fraudulent and malicious.

The apps are masked under photo editors, wallpaper apps, fitness trackers, games, cameras, VPN providers, and many more. 

David Agranovich’s Statement

David Agranovich, Facebook’s Global Threat Disruption Lead

The Chairman of Global Threat Disruption, David Agranovich, said in an interview at Meta, “Cybercriminals know how popular these types of apps are, and they’ll use similar themes to trick people and steal their accounts and information.”

He added, “If an app is promising something too good to be true, like unreleased features for another platform or a social media site, chances are that it has ulterior motives.” 

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India Is One Of The Leading Countries With Malware And Viruses

A current report issued by ESET points out that India is one of the leading countries with Android malware viruses. Intermediary applications are one of the primary sources of these malware infections.

For instance, apps like “GB WhatsApp” which provided its clients with distinctive features not available on the original Meta WhatsApp application, steal credentials from the users.

Malware infection

Applications not installed from the App Store or Play Store are more dangerous as there is no virtual screening process before these applications are downloaded and then sideloaded on devices.

Be Aware Of These Apps

Some of the camera apps that can steal one’s credentials are Modern Time Camera, Sticker Maker Pro, Crown Camera, Mood Camera, Border Sticker Camera, Classic Wonderful Camera, Filter camera, Photo PIP Camera, PIP CameraAdorn, Camera 2022 Text Camera and others. 

Some of the infamous video and photo editors are Smooth Picture Editor, Video Converter Master, Cool Photo Editor, Cool Filter Editor, Videolancer – Pro Video Maker, Photo Editor, Photo Filter, Photo Layout Editor, Instapic: Photo Editor Pro, Collage Maker and many more. 

A few dangerous gaming apps are Apex Race Game ToonArt, Lone Hero Racing, Agent John FPS Game, Treasures of the Pharaoh, Art Puzzle 2021, Blue-shoot Game, Bluetouch Shooting Game Rush Car 3D, Rush Hour 3D – Heavy Traffic, Ranger Crash Game, 3 Patti King – India Rummy, Art Photo Puzzle and others. 

Malware infections can also enter your devices through music apps like HD Video Player with music, Soda Music Player, Tean Music Player, Mostfun Media Music, Muses Music Player, Pulse Music Player, and many more. 

Other applications like VPN apps, fitness trackers, beautification filters, wallpapers, calling apps, and ad managers can risk stealing millions of users’ data.

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