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LivED It: EGGjactly, The Food Truck In Sector 29, Gurgaon


Liv’ED It is an ED original style where we write about our personal experiences on experiencing and reviewing any app/place/website which gives us a feeling of coming back for more.

Food trucks are the new fad in Delhi. While the concept is not new to us, as we have always eaten from those little food trucks which served Chinese food (to suit the taste of Indians, filled with a lot of spice), the new range of food trucks are something which we had only seen in Hollywood movies.

Every day you can spot a new truck in some place, and companies like The Lalit and Punjab Grill investing in these is enough proof of how they are “the thing” now.


Gurgaon aka Gurugram is the hub of these food trucks, with the Leisure Valley road (popularly jammed for concerts) in Sector 29 lined with about 20 food trucks making it difficult to decide which one you should eat from.

EGGjactly – The Food Truck


I went to EGGjactly, with my family, after checking out all the food trucks and their menus and spending twenty precious minutes only on this.

They had placed two tables with some chairs in front of their truck, and as the food truck was parked in the parking area of Leisure Valley Park, some amazing music was blasting from their speakers which added to the whole aura.

Their menu boasted of some amazing waffles, and having a sweet tooth, we decided to go for it.

Luckily enough, we got the whole table to ourselves. (Woot woot!)

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What We Ordered

We ordered Chicken Wings in Devil’s sauce, Penne Mix Sauce vegetarian pasta, a Butter Chicken Wrap, and ChocoBlast Waffles.



Penne Mix Sauce pasta arrived first, and we basically hogged onto it. The sauce was pretty much perfect, not too sweet, and not too cheesy. Even a lot of big restaurants do not get this flavour right, but EGGjactly did, and left us pretty impressed. The quantity was enough to serve one.

After that the Butter Chicken Wrap was served on our table, divided in two huge halves. While the chicken was soft and tender, and the wrap was nicely done, it had a dash of salt more than our taste allowed, and that was a little disappointing. Other than that, the overall flavour was quite good.

Chicken Wings in Devil’s Sauce was the next to come, and I have to say that they were very different from all the chicken wings I have ever had. With 8 wings, in the sauce that was kind of like a blend of peri peri as well as barbeque sauce, and the wings were crisp, basically mouth-watering.

At this point, the three of us were pretty much done, and had to get half the wings packed.

But, there is always room for desserts.

The ChocoBlast Belgian waffles arrived looking beautiful, topped with Nutella, Oreos and dark chocolate sauce. The waffles were perfectly made, and melted in our mouths in a second. The flavours of Nutella, Oreos and dark chocolate sauce could still be identified and that I think was the best part of the waffles.


You should really have the Chicken Wings in Devil’s Sauce, and ChocoBlast Belgian waffles. They would not let you down.

Value for Money

The bill came out to be just 670 bucks for four dishes, and that added to our joys.

How to reach: Take an auto or Uber from Iffco Chowk Metro Station. You can call EGGjactly to know their eggjact location (forgive me). Use maps if you are driving.

P.S. You can also order food from EGGjactly through Zomato.

Liv’ED It Score Card:

Concept 5
Value For Money 5
Food 4


Too much food, too little time! Have you had food from these food trucks? Tell us in the comments below.

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