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If I Told You That Your Life Is An Anime, Would You Agree?


By Rusel D’cruze

So anime is this immature stuff you regretted watching as a kid and never got yourself to agree to your ‘not-so-grown-up’ friends that it isn’t a waste of time. Wouldn’t you call me stupid if I said our lives could be an anime?


Sceptic that insane fantasy could be similar to very ‘normal’ life? Well, here’s where the ‘cartoons’ become so much more than just those wacky hairstyles.

Kay, so you went to a coffee shop with a friend, and maybe at some time you enjoyed playfully pissing them off, or maybe you just stood silently one night gazing up at the stars or silently watched a train chugging past…. or you’ve done none of these and you’re a completely different person like everyone else, we all have these unnoticed moments and varying personalities and you might be asking me ‘Why?’ for even reminding you.

Because we’re disconnected from the little petals that make life a flower of understanding and experience, we take these little seconds for granted till it’s too late to live them when they were. And yep, very few would disagree with me when look back at…

Chihayafuru 1

Anime, with all its genres catering to ALL, (and I mean it, ALL) kinds of people, tastes and situations makes you look deep into the fabric of usual everyday lifestyles and lights that tiny, yet promising spark of attention to how happy we could get with our observations and experiences every moment.

Did you feel empty when you were done reading Sherlock Holmes or when the season ended? That short moment when you might have believed suspense could never be more grappling or mystery any more shockingly twisted? The File Of Young Kindaichi will rekindle your hope that there is sill that space for baffling thrillers.

That and other gripping stories with edge-of-the-seat build-ups like Riddle Story of Devil make you relax your breath only when a commercial bumps in. Oh and you might just find yourself relaxing to lighter anime some time as you wander into the world we’re talking about.


Because it’s not the animation, it’s the idea that defines ANY story, even an anime, much like animated movies like Up touched hearts with their inspiring thought.

You could really find yourself relating to so much with more and more exposure as anime discovers your place in it, you’ll love the kind of life you lead, no matter what it is, because you’re looking at an animated simulation similar to your life and being exposed to it makes stress feel lighter.

You find characters representing analogues of your personality and trust me, it’s a delight to explore yourself through the characters who you think you resemble or would want to resemble.

Honestly, we are SO proud of being adults, we abolish our childhood. And if you haven’t done that, you’re in for a life that isn’t just a stage, like, NO Jacques, life is better.


So anime is way deeper than the intense unreal fantasies. What’s touching and captivating is the way you might look at something and say, “Hey? Isn’t that SO like I was today?” or “Whoa! That happened to me today.” Because EVERY anime I’ve EVER “experienced” caricatures human life and emotions, in all their diversity. You’re exposed to a world that teaches you how to grow in different ways.

Why do people from different age-groups often find Shinchan more amusing than Doraemon (no hard feelings)? Because Shinchan is slice-of-life showing you a VERY NORMAL family. And that’s why people love it, for the way you watch things that happen to you in a cartoon; simple everyday happenings.

Screenshot 1

So even if you don’t have a crazy hairstyle or wacky superpowers, anime is a lot like the wonderful (yes, wonderful, don’t be a pessimist, watch anime), eventful life that you lead but often fail to pay attention to because maybe it feels for granted now, but a walk into the world we just came through would really help you cherish the person you are, the things you feel and every little moment around you…..feel the world, see EVERYTHING.

Image Credits: Google Images

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