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Leading Startups with New Directions: Bikram Singh Multani


“Fire in the belly and hope in the heart”, this trait was a driving force in encouraging Bikram Singh Multani (Founder of Innokrats) to become what he is today. From his college days, Multani was interested in working on various projects and implementing his own ideas on them. Bikram Singh Multani’s passion for creating something new helped him in entering in the world of startup and entrepreneurship. With time, he experimented with his skills and decided to turn his passion into his profession. This was the time when he began to incline towards businesses and startups.

At a very young age of 20 years, Multani realised that only passion could not help him to achieve what he wants from life. He started working upon the skills one needs in order to establish a startup. While learning the technicalities of the startup and business world, Multani was also studying for his graduation. Since the beginning, he had innumerable ideas concerning various domains such as pharma, retail, agriculture and e-commerce. Despite such diversities, at that time, Multani was willing to contribute in all the possible fields he could. However, due to lack of time and assistance, he was unable to put all his ideas into practice and establish his startup.

After his graduation, Multani began his hunt for the business opportunities that were feasible at that point. Later on, in 2017, he started working on a project named Dataspot. Dataspot is a wireless storage interface system which would eliminate the need for a physical connection between the USB drives and various systems such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Android phone, laptop etc. With each passing day, Multani got more involved in this project and started brainstorming ideas about it. However, just like any new work, with more research and development, new problems began to emerge in this project as well.

This was the time when Bikram Singh Multani was in a dire need of someone who could help him in initiating his ideas and making it work on a ground level. In short, he was in need of a co-founder who would be as dedicated as him and interested in startup businesses. Multani met Manpreet Singh, a passionate fellow enthusiast in 2018. Together they began the work and it took them approximately six months to take this project in the mass production and kudos! By early 2020, the product Dataspot was in the market.

However, unfortunately, due to the worldwide Covid Pandemic and lockdown, everything remained unnoticed and their pet project came to a stand still just like million of other projects in this world. But Bikram Singh Multani and Manpreet Singh’s optimism never let them feel dissuaded. Even in this phase of loss, they haven’t lost hopes and they didn’t back off. Instead, they have started working on their new project which would be propitious and profitable to the existing business personals and enthusiasts. This current project aims to be  the one-stop option to communicate with various business professionals, budding start-ups and job seekers and service providers of various domains across India and across the globe.

The name of their new project is V-carte which would promote sale of contactless business cards. These cards would be reusable and environmentally safe. The Covid Pandemic and the shifting world of 2020 have made it difficult for people to contact each other and do the regular business safely. V-carte on another hand would come handy and would help in creating a business community which would work on a sustainable future and decrease the wastage of the material used for creating standard business cards. Moreover, their web platform would focus on business networking and bringing people, professionals ,business owners and service providers closer with the restriction of boundaries. They also tend to bring the informal sector into web access media so that they can grow their business easily.

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