The Delhi Airport is known for many things, like being one of the world’s busiest airports by passenger traffic, been named among the world’s best airports, and more. But the past few days, the airport, especially the Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3 truly stood for the busiest airport tag when it was flooded with passengers turning the entire terminal extremely chaotic with long and stuffed lines for all to see.

Just a few days ago, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia had even made a surprise visit there as a way to check things, but it does not seem to have done any good with complaints, trolling and jokes filling up social media just as the airport itself was filled to the brim with passengers.

Why Was Delhi Airport Trending?

On Saturday and post that too, people posted various videos, photos and written anecdotes of their experience at the Delhi Airport these past few days.

Long queues were seen at the security checkpoints, unorganised checking, lounge being packed, luggage being mismanaged and more were all complained about by passengers who had to wait 2-3 hours in the clearance area before being allowed to get to the flight gate.

Obviously, many people took to venting out their frustration on social media by trolling and making memes around the whole situation.

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