Koray Akbiyik has been working on dietary supplements and the effects of drugs and their side effects since 1994. We asked the experienced supplement expert and owner of the BPS Pharma brand about this.

Interviewer: Koray you have been dealing with sports nutrition, nutrition and its properties and consequences for almost 3 decades. Which supplements would you recommend permanently for humans?

Koray Akbiyik: Well, I believe that people actually want to eat well from the ground up, because they have the attitude of believing in what the media and advertising want to signal and tell them. Example, people are told drink enough cow’s milk and you are doing something good for the bones! Today we know from various studies that most inflammation in the body is caused by milk intolerance. I was also affected by it and had to face the slowly creeping disease “ulcerative colitis”. This disease is incurable and belongs to the degenerative diseases of the immune system. 

At this point, I will name 5 essential dietary supplements for a permanently healthy body.

The food industry will never change. It’s really all about trends and how to exploit something. The thought of developing “healthy” supplements for yourself is actually not wrong. But the body is not able to digest the flavors and preservatives. And please don’t come to me with a “digestive enzyme product” that can regulate the whole thing. Yes, it does, but in the long run the body stops producing its own enzymes. Man has simply forgotten how to eat sensibly. Open your mouth, chew the piece purely and sensibly and do so several times up to 21 times and then swallow it works wonders. People who take their time eating have much less problems with their weight and no stomach problems.

    • That’s why my first recommendation is  to take BPC157 daily 500mcg “Lingual” drops. Not to be confused with “oral”, since a significant part is metabolized in the liver. Of course, with a doctor’s referral, it can be administered subcutaneously. Other options for use are “transdermal patches” or nasal sprays. That pentadecapeptide is almost 99% free of side effects, which makes it an incredible cure. It is a peptide that is in our body, but over time, stimulants of alcohol, drugs, medication abuse, poor nutrition ensure that it is completely broken down in the body almost at the age of 30. But if I’m able to build the protective function with the right peptide, it’s a protective wall. But it is to be considered as a second chance. Basically, you should understand that processed foods, ready meals and unfortunately also “functional foods” are absolute crap for the body. I don’t know any bodybuilder who has ever eaten these bars on the stand. They have all resorted to essential amino acids. Protein bars and protein cookies are the biggest garbage and make you sick!
    • EAA – essential amino acids,  they are the basic key to maintain muscle mass permanently and supply the body to intercept catabolic phases during exercise. They are quickly absorbed and absorbed. A combination with simple dextrose sugar as an “intra workout” during exercise can also be useful. However, this is not absolutely necessary if you already have sufficient carbohydrates in the form of brown rice available in your body. However, if you value moderate fat burning, then of course as a mono-preparation.
  • L – Glutamine is also an amino acid that the body can produce itself. However, in some cases, this amino acid is needed to promote the recovery phase in the body. During training phases with successful training bodybuilders and athletes, it is absolutely important to provide them in sufficient quantities. Why? Imagine getting up in the morning, having a quick breakfast, preferably a family man, stress at work, discussions with colleagues and then a hard workout. All of these combinations consume vast amounts of glutamine in your body. Thus, a cold or flu virus is already inevitable. In such cases, when you notice that the body is about to catch a cold, I recommend an additional 10 – 15g of glutamine before going to bed for about 3 days. Most of the time, this strengthens the body and does not lead to an outbreak. Sleep is also important. Normal dosage otherwise would be 3 x 5 – 10g daily for hard-training people. 
  • Minerals in the form of bisglycinate.  Most of the minerals offered by manufacturers today are of inferior quality. Oxide is one of the minerals that are poorly absorbed by the body and other forms do not even harmonize with the minerals themselves, as this could be counterproductive for the body. Bisglycinates (amino acid chelates compound) worked in the body for themselves without getting in the way of the other minerals.
  • AOD9604 is another key to permanently protect humans from the poison of the food industry. Yes, you heard it right. We may be able to change people’s attitudes. But the food industry will continue to try to market its processed products every possible new form as the healthy option. Therefore, this peptide is also a permanent solution for both sides. It was discovered at that time to support patients with obesity. It has been found to have a fat-burning property without any side effects. It has the properties of even helping with heart disease, cholesterol, and bone damage. 300mcg in the morning before breakfast and your eyes will improve greatly. No more unnecessary fat burning pills that have more side effects than you could tolerate.

Now, what do all these 5 supplements have in common? They are amino acids. And human beings are built on these essential building blocks. Why 40 years of work and studies of Vladimir Khavinson were deeply hidden and locked in the basement is known only to those who did not want to bring it to the public.

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