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Konkana Sen Sharma Tells Brilliantly Why Women Need To Invest More Time In Themselves, Through This Video


Finance can seem a scary word, for some it might be too complicated, for others, it might be something they don’t really have the time for, instead choosing to pass it onto someone else.

And for the most part, it is women who shy away from handling the financial matters. And no, I am not just saying it in regards to the women, who are not allowed only but am also referring to the educated modern women of today who still prefer to have someone else handle their finances for them.

I recently came across this video of Konkona Sen Sharma, who pretty cleverly connected time and money and why women need to invest more time in themselves.

And while the video looks at the broader angle of giving time to yourself in general, the point of time being money and life being a bank account, did make me think of the relationship between women and finance.

One line from the video that resonated with me was the last one where Konkona asks the viewer, “Because if you don’t, then who will?”

Check out the video here:

Which in turn made me think about how important it is that finally, women start to invest their time in financial matters, because as said above if they themselves don’t, then who will?

financial matters

So here are a couple of ways that women can start to handle their financial matters:

1. Get Your Basics Clear

One reason why some women might get overwhelmed when handling financial matters could be the complicated terms and words that are used.

There is nothing to fear though, practically everything is available online. Terms such as returns, investment, life insurance and more could seem big, but are relatively easy to understand.

Also, ask your family members who handle the family’s financial matters to include you whenever taking any kind of decision. Sit with them when they are handling such matters and clear up any confusions you might have.

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2. Visit A Bank

Once you have your basics cleared up, you can and should go to a bank of your choice. There are several banks in Delhi that have various branches across the city.

Going to a bank will help you get first-hand knowledge of the various kinds of accounts. There, you can inquire about each of these various accounts, their uses, purpose, how much they will cost, their advantages and more in a single sitting.

Some banks could even have special programs that are geared towards making more women participate in taking financial matters in their own hands.

financial matters

3. Have Separate Budget For Yourself And Your Family

Recalling the video, a good thing to do would be to maintain two different budget lists for your family and yourself.

As an individual, you are entitled to making your own financial decisions, and they can be separate from the needs of the entire family.

A separate budget list for yourself will also allow you to keep track of your savings and where your money is being spent and etc.

It would be good to not depend on any other family member to take control of your finances, being as it is your money, you should be the ultimate authority on it.

These are just the very basics, there is much more that can be done when managing your finances, which includes investment opportunities and more.

Finance does not have to be a scary domain, instead, it should be dealt with as a necessity that one should not be unaware of.

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