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Koffee with Karan- The best coffee you can have.


Karan Johar has an-Illustrious lineage-his father I.S.Johar, was ahead of his fellow actors. He had fluency in English and he was a great wit-so much so his Film-Fare Q&A’s were sought after reading. Karan has established his credentials as a reputable director with few off beat movies-probably the only one that has come close to Raj Kapoor as a Film-Maker (others in the list would be Bhansali and Gowariker.) Karan, even though is an Industry Insider, he does not use that information to his advantage. He manages to bring the best in a guest but it was still excruciating to watch-nothing do with the Host.


He has few qualities that makes him successful as a Talk Show Host. He has gift-of-the-gab a respect for his guest’s sensibilities and good homework in the way of which combination of guest’s make a good show–like the Kapoor Brothers–the show was the most entertaining–collectively they were great but I wouldn’t think individually they would be that entertaining.

Karan has an enthusiasm of a school kid (the way he comes down the stairs-like he has been called down by this mother to play with other kids.) The show is entertaining since you will get a chance to see the side of an actor that you will never get to see-like Hema Malini for instance–she is naturally hilarious-with great sense of humor and she is beauty with brains and a treat to watch.

The Coffee hamper has to go–why the secrecy. (It’s a basket not a hamper.) Why not promote Brand name products? Does it have to be Koffee? The public opinion and the peer’s opinion segment is well done. The rapid fire segment sometimes puts the guest in an awkward position and makes them to be too diplomatic and the segment gives a limited option like who is the best of two Khan’s, instead of who is the best actor today or best of the yester-year etc.

Koffee with Karan is a must see for all fans of Bollywood and the director alike. It’s better than reading a tabloid I can tell you that much. Special thanks to Star World for adding this to their Sunday morning programming.


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