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‘Soul’ is a simple word; the Oxford dictionary defines it as the immortal and spiritual element in a person. But ever wondered what the word soul mate means? There is a popular saying that a soul mate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. Now that is quite a saying, isn’t it? They are the epitome of love. They are the people who enter our lives so that we can grow into the best version of ourselves. They can enrich our life in a way no one else can. So the question which arises is that is each one of us born to be with someone special, who will be ‘the one’? Most of us won’t be having the answer to that question. Do soul mates really exist? And if they do, where should we find them?

Everyone around us-our families and friends keep saying that we will meet that someone when the time is right and that it will happen when God wants it to happen. Basically what they’re saying is that we’ll meet our love when God wants us to meet them and if we never meet that someone special, does that mean God didn’t want us to fall in love and be happy? In our country, marriage is more of a deal between two families than an affair of personal affection. This is widely seen in arranged marriages where two people brought together by their families are going to be each other’s soul mates, apparently. However, the concept of soul mates is an entire different story altogether. We feel an immediate connection the moment we meet them- a connection so strong that we are drawn to them in a way we have never experienced before and that is what makes it beautiful. Now does that really even happen? My sympathies for all the single people out there, but yes, apparently it does.  It is a common thing that people who are not dating anyone see love around them the most and hence feel deprived of something although their lives may be perfect in every other sense. Seeing two people in love always makes us happy, but when you are single, that happiness is accompanied by some amount of envy, which is a natural human tendency. Everyone wants to have a special person in their life and when we don’t have that it is just normal to feel a little jealous of them. Soul mate or not, we all want to feel how beautiful it is to be in love. Not having felt that makes our life incomplete in some way or the other, no matter how much people assure us that we will meet the right person and that our patience will pay its fruit and etc. I personally believe that someone is made for each one of us and he or she is out there, somewhere, but are they our soul mates?…I don’t really know that. No matter how much I want to, I cannot bring myself to believe this concept entirely because we live in the real world which is cruel and unforgiving. No matter how much a person loves someone, there must come at least one point, sometime in their lives where they just don’t understand what’s exactly going on in the other person’s mind. However, if this concept of soul mates is really true, then how should we identify them? Here are a few pointers:

  • You guys just get each other! You don’t need to give explanations for anything you did and you can complete each other’s sentences.
  • Your relationship is intense. Even if there is a problem, you are more focused on solving the issue rather than fighting over it.
  • You love his/her flaws. You accept their imperfections and love them anyway. You are patient with them.
  • You respect them and give them the freedom to make their own decisions, even though they might be wrong sometimes.
  • You always look into each other’s eyes while talking. You experience a different level of comfort with them altogether and you are confident that they won’t judge you.
  • You feel that he/she is your guardian angel and you cannot imagine living your life without them. Walking away from them is out of the question.

Whether the universe has created you to be each other’s soul mates or just two loving people who have accepted each other’s flaws and strengths is your decision to make. I believe life gives us multiple chances to meet multiple soul mates and when we do meet them we would love to be theirs forever.

Finally, is this entire concept of soul mates a mere sham which is used to provide hope to the single people to not feel so terrible about themselves; that they should wait for ‘the one’ who is made only for them or do they exist for real? Or does it really exist? Well, all we can hope for is that someone special is born for each of us, whether or not they are our soul mates.


Ayesha Kumar
Ayesha Kumarhttp://edtimes.in
My love for reading, both books and people is something which cannot be put into words! Although a student of commerce at Jesus & Mary College, I enjoy writing about dating and romance more than finance and stock markets; keeps me a little far from the reality. I am a dreamer and I absolutely love finding romance in everything in this world.


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