According to NCRB (National Crimes Record Bureau), ‘educated’ juveniles commit crimes more than the ‘illiterate’ ones. Among all the cities, Delhi tops in crimes committed by juveniles.

Are Educated Juveniles More Prone To Commit Crimes?

When it comes to kids in school, the crime rate under their hands stays high as opposed to that under kids that are not in schools.

Moreover, the kids who have studied up to matriculation and higher secondary levels have committed more crimes than their counterparts., while ‘illiterate’ juveniles indulging in criminal activities are much less than the educated ones.

Juvenile Crimes In Delhi

The national capital has seen more registered juvenile crimes than 19 metropolitan cities with a population of more than 2 million.

Juvenile crimes are highest in Delhi than in all the cities

NCRB reported that out of a total of 2,677 crimes committed by juveniles in Delhi a year, 46 were murder cases, 132 were rape cases, 93 molestation cases, 320 robberies, 17 incidents of unnatural sex, 7 dacoities, and 49 cases of rash driving.

The most juvenile crime rate was that of theft, with around 1,381 cases. 

Adding to that, among the 3,268 juveniles held, 210 studied between Class X-XII, 1,213 between Class V-X, 1,084 dropped out of school before Class V, and 752 were illiterate.

What Happens To These Kids?

Out of 1,611 juveniles as per the records in NCRB, 409 were sent home after advice, 106 were sent to special homes, 66 were fined, 8 were awarded imprisonment, and 89 acquitted.

When kids become offenders

As for their accommodations, around 2,783 lived with their parents, 248 with their local guardians, and 237 were homeless.

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Is Education to Be Blamed?

Dr. R. Indira, a Mysuru-based sociologist insisted that “One cannot overlook how those who receive education today are also more exposed to other domains and forms of knowledge and the curiosity emerging out of that could perhaps sometimes result in an increased tendency to commit a crime.”

Major difference between the 2 juvenile types
Scientific approach to juvenile delinquents

Adding to that, she said, “There are multiple factors into play and it is also important to understand how they define ‘illiterate’ when they put these figures down.”

The Right Education To Prevent Juvenile Delinquency

Value-based education seems to be the need of the hour. In order to prevent juvenile delinquency, schools and parents give their all, without a doubt.

Preventive measures against juvenile delinquency at primary stage
Preventive measures against juvenile delinquency at secondary stage

It is not to say that education is to be blamed in any way. In fact, education is the only road to awareness, liberty, freedom, and advocating against criminality. 

Effect Of Education System

It is safe to say that some sort of relationship definitely exists between the delinquent behavior of a child and the school environment. In fact, delinquency is also related to academic achievement. 

Generally speaking, hyperactive and aggressive kids seek pleasure in defying authorities, and the students cast aside as “bad students” grow up with negative educational careers. 

Simply put, kids labeled early on in their educational years by authorities meant to be indiscriminately and just, grow up to follow the exact labels and stand true to their image.

Unsuccessful school experience gives either of two outcomes: dropping out, or choosing violence and defiance. 

Exposure 101

India’s criminal justice system has witnessed numerous juvenile delinquencies among which, as per the records, the educated have committed far more crimes than the illiterate.

The question then arises as to what measures can be undertaken by the authorities, families, and societies to prevent the increase in criminal offenses.

Dysfunctional families contribute the most to juvenile crimes. Children with access to dangerous weapons too are more prone to criminal activities.

Lack of appropriate awareness in a world of materialism is the basic deterrent. And the ease of access to methods and ideas mixed with criminal ideology birth juvenile delinquents.

Unnecessary exposure

The kids are exposed to hundreds of murders, rapes, and violent assaults through various media platforms. Most of the credit goes to tv shows that not only help kids devise new methods of criminality, but also beware of potential errors that could lead to their downfall.

The Way Out

There are serious problems that pertain due to the stereotyping, labeling, tracking, and programming failure a child suffers from in the early years. 

Officials responsible need to incorporate an array of appropriate programs that not only make schools more effective instruments of delinquency prevention but also provide value-based education to young kids.

Pillars of value-based education

Value-based education aims at a students’ psychological assets and self-image, thereby leading to transparency and genuineness. Resisting antisocial behavior becomes one of the major aims of value-based education.

Conventional education policies and methods focus on other aspects. 

Cognitive development is another factor that requires due attention. Not to forget in case a child has manifested even an ounce of behavioral issue, counseling services should be available and easily reachable for them. 

That being said, education is by no means to be blamed. In fact, it’s not a blame game at all. And the solutions and precautionary measures mentioned herein guarantee no eradication. 

But the bottom line remains: keeping a check on every child (whether in school, home, or anywhere), deciding upon the extent of exposure they should be allowed, and being conscious of their behavioral pattern will go a long way in making sure that juvenile delinquency does not become the norm. 

As for the illiterate, value-based education alone, if not supplemented with the conventional one, will assist in surcease of juvenile delinquency rate.

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