National Cadet Corps [NCC] cadets have always been in the forefront to serve the nation and help those in need.

NCC battalions across Delhi have been playing a major role in fighting Coronavirus since the beginning of its first wave in May last year.

Being an NCC cadet of 3 Delhi Girls Battalion myself, I thought of highlighting all the noteworthy efforts of the NCC cadets across Delhi who have played an incremental role in helping people during the pandemic.

NCC Cadet Divyanshi- a national hero 

NCC cadet Divyanshi of 2DGBN from Satyawati College, Delhi University actively volunteered in the verification of the leads.

She also helped more than 50 people including fellow NCC cadets, DU professors and civilians by arranging oxygen cylinders, oxygen refills, medicines, plasma and hospital beds during the second deadly wave of COVID-19.

Cadet Divyanshi

She not only contributed to providing people with urgent COVID-19 relief resources but also raised funds for poor families by approaching NGOs, Army veterans and others willing to contribute to this humanitarian cause.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned Divyanshi’s notable efforts in one of his “Mann Ki Baat” episodes describing her work as a “great service to humanity.”

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SUO Sarfaraz Ahmed organizes free distribution of essential COVID-19 resources for the needy

Senior Under Officer (SUO) Sarfaraz Ahmed of 4DGBN from Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, motivated his old friends and organized free distribution of food items, sanitizers and masks for migrant labourers and needy villagers in Bihar.

SUO Sarfaraz Ahmed distributing COVID-19 resources with his friends

Essential supplies distributed to the needy villagers and migrant labourers

He posted a video of him and his friends on social media and appealed to the viewers to help people in the pandemic. The video was shared by the official Twitter handle of the NCC Delhi Directorate.

Help desks by NCC 

NCC cadets across different colleges of Delhi University are actively working towards providing COVID-19 relief resources by setting up online help desk initiatives.

These help desks are involved in the verification of leads and delivery of resources for emergency situations.

Help desks have been set up by different colleges including Hindu College, Sri Aurobindo College, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Khalsa college and many more colleges across Delhi University.

Help desk initiatives by NCC cadets of various DU colleges

Cadets are taking the help of social media platforms like Instagram to generate awareness so that maximum people can get benefitted from them.

Nation before self 

By looking at the valuable and dedicated efforts of these cadets to serve humanity during the pandemic, it will not be wrong to say that NCC cadets have exemplified the spirit of “nation before self.”

They have not only played a crucial role to save the lives of many but have also encouraged the youth to help the needy and serve the nation.

Image Credits: Google images, Twitter

Sources: Twitter, NCC Delhi Directorate

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