It’s been quite some time since the never-ending war between Gen-Z and Millennials started. Millennials, also known as Generation Y, refers to people born between the 1980s to the mid-1990s.

Gen Z, on the other hand, are those who are born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s.

Gen Z never misses an opportunity to troll the boomers on the internet, and now they are after the millennials. Be it their fashion sense, the way they part their hair, or use laughing emoticons, millennials are now coming under the radar of Gen Z.  

They are now telling them (millennials) that their time, more specifically, the era of their ideas and creativity, is over and that they should stop trying to run the world.

Now that millennials are revenge-trolling the Gen Z, ‘Zoomers’ have decided to fight back by using a new term for the outdated. That word is “Cheugy” and it refers to the “opposite of trendy” or “when someone still follows these out-of-date trends.”

What Is Cheugy?

Cheugy, pronounced as ‘chew-gee’, which means basic, uncool, and outdated, was coined in 2013 by a high school student Gaby Rasson. This term has recently gained much popularity after being used by a TikTok user named Hallie Cain in her video which has over 17 million views. 

Gaby Rasson said, “Looking good for yourself and not caring what other people think, that confidence exudes non-cheugyness.

The meaning of the word and what it considers cheugy is very complex. About anything and everything comes under the category of cheugy, and it is not just restricted to fashion. 

Even Harry Potter (the greatest fantasy literary achievement of our times), Minion Memes, TV show Friends (could it get any more cheugy, pun intended), DIY Avocado face masks, wearing wedges, having a side part, and skinny jeans are considered cheugy.

In other words, these things are completely off-limits, and it is only better to stay away from them because they scream cheugy. 

Tees or homewares with phrases like ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ or ‘But First, Coffee’ are also cheugy, so you might want to resist the urge to buy slogan tees, sweatshirts, and homeware. 

But there are things which are un-cheugy, as well. Quite confusing, right? Things like thrifting, making your clothes, handmade products, Levi’s jeans, and home decor items that cannot be found at Target falls under the category of non-cheugyness.

And while a lot of cheugy things are associated with millennial women, the term can be applied to any one of any gender and any age, Gen Z included.


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To get a better understanding of the term, ‘Cheugy’, one can refer to the Instagram handle @cheuglife, which documents examples of cheuginess and currently has over 31,000 followers.

The caption for an image of a Gucci belt with a double-G logo buckle reads: “Overly branded designer stuff is cheugy. It started with those crazy tight long sleeves that read ‘Abercrombie’ across the chest and now you’ve graduated to Gucci belts and Chanel bags. Tread lightly my friends. Expensive does not equal chic.”

And as if that wasn’t enough, even reposting Rupi Kaur poetry falls under the label of cheugy. Then, on another thought, maybe they aren’t the only generation who thinks that.

As such, what is and isn’t cheugy is very subjective and changes even as we speak. No wonder that the term gained popularity on TikTok, which itself is the pinnacle of cheugy.

And ultimately, such terms are coined quite often to redefine the ‘current cool trend’, which sticks around as a background word and gets replaced now and then. They’re fashionable but for a while only to go out of fashion pretty soon. 

So, in case you’re a millennial or even a gen Z who thinks that they’re behind with trends,  don’t worry because such terms are more about establishing who you aren’t than who you are. 

Because if we go by this cheugy trend then six years ago, low rise jeans fell under its label only to come back in style today.

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Sources: Vice, The New York Times, The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal

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