A well established business owner and leader in the e-commerce industry, Justin Secreti has passionate about living life on her own terms and being able to help others create amazing lives in the process. Having failed multiple times when starting out on her ecommerce journey, she now has the experience to cope with nearly all situations. Justin Secreti is always striving to be better and is constantly adapting to the times, which her latest project certainly has done to a tee.

Justin Secreti has graciously shared with us 4 evergreen tips to start and grow your Amazon FBA business to 7 figures.

Product Is King

When we asked Justin Secreti what’s the key to having a successful Amazon business, he told us “There are a lot of factors that contribute to a successful Amazon business, but as a beginner, it’s good to first focus on your product.”

Having a great product is one of the best ways to start your Amazon journey on a strong note. Unfortunately, this is where the majority of people get stuck wondering “what do I sell?”

Justin Secreti shared with us that when searching for a product, he looks at certain factors. Does the product have a wow factor? Does the product solve a problem? Is this product appealing to a huge group of people? How well are the competitors selling?

Reduce Your Cost Especially If You’re Just Starting Out

A huge misconception in the market is that you need tens of thousands of dollars to start an Amazon FBA business. You actually don’t. It’s possible to start an Amazon business with as little as a thousand bucks or two.

Many people make the mistake of spending thousands of dollars to order their first inventory, and if they’re unable to sell the product well, that’s money down the drain.

Have A Product Launch Strategy

“Lots of people think that they can just list a product on Amazon and everyone would buy from them… If it were that easy, everyone would be a millionaire!”

That’s absolutely true. Top Amazon sellers know that in order to sell well, they need to meticulously craft a product launch strategy. Basically, the series of steps to get them to the first page of Amazon (for their product criteria) so that more customers would buy from them.

Focus On Your Customer Lifetime Value

“A wise man once told me that to grow your business, it’s only a matter of 3 things. You either find more customers, increase the average transaction amount, or increase the frequency the average customer buys from you”, says Justin Secreti.

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