August 16: Ahmedabad, Gujarat-based PCD Pharma Company, Fossil Remedies empowers its customers with the best quality pharmaceutical products and professional quality services at affordable prices. As one of India’s most trusted PCD Pharma, the goal of Fossil Remedies is to develop high-quality and effective remedies for any disease, whether acute or chronic, regardless of its severity.

Replying to a query relevant to Fossil Remedies, one of the Founders, Mr. Ravi Agarwal stated, “Fossil Remedies is committed to providing advanced technology and research to support its patients’ changing needs. In order to meet our patient’s needs and make medicine accessible, our goal is to build an ecosystem of quality but affordable medicines.”

In the Pharma sector, Fossil Remedies is one of the leading names in the country, as an integrated franchise (PCD) pharmaceutical company. With a strong focus on quality, the pharmaceutical chain has earned the GMP certification for its commitment to quality. Over 350 different products make up CUBIT’s extensive range, making it the largest in the country.

As a leading PCD Pharma Company in India, Fossil Remedies’ main objective is to manufacture a wide range of products that not only boast of assured quality but also international standards. It serves the Indian market with capsules, tablets, injections, liquid syrups, herbal products, and ophthalmic products. What makes Fossil Remedies unique from other companies in the Indian pharma sector is the fact that it ensures patients suffering from various diseases receive products and services based on scientific processes and international standards.

Fossil Remedies’ wide-ranging expertise in cough, cold, and life-threatening acute disease speaks volumes about its wide range of brands. Taking advantage of an aggressive expansion plan, it is certainly India’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical company. The company also offers PCD franchises across India that give its business partners opportunities to develop and expand in their markets.

“In addition to being committed to health, we are committed to trust, quality, and care, which all contribute to our ever-expanding presence in the domain, “claims Co-Founder of Fossil Remedies, Mr. Prabhat Agarwal. “If you are planning on starting a PCD Pharma Franchise in India, Fossil Remedies will be the best choice as it offers the most advanced PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad, “he adds.

The team at Fossil Remedies strives to keep pace with the new technological trends in the pharmaceutical center and introduce new special divisions for the meeting. It keeps coming up with new special divisions for meeting the needs of the future.

Over the years, Fossil Remedies has become a trusted name in the Indian Pharma industry. Taking a strong sense of patients’ needs and conducting ground-breaking research are the cornerstones of its profound success in manufacturing and distributing high-quality medicines.

About Fossil Remedies:

Fossil Remedies is a reputed PCD Pharma Company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India providing high-quality a range of pharma and healthcare products at highly competitive prices. Also, known as the PCD Pharma Company in India, Fossil Remedies strives to provide the best packaging for PCD Pharma products and industry-leading pharmaceutical products that meet the customer’s needs.

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