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Jake Strain Launches Yer Management – “The Covid Come Up” 


Jake Strain has recently launched his artist management company “Yer Management LLC”.The company was established just prior the COVID-19 pandemic. Jake went from having a mobilized professional recording studio (Off The Road Media), and managing his independent record label (Swaggertown Records) to having the studio, the label and the management company. Maintaining three sources of music related income on top of still being an independent artist. 

In the first six months, grossing six figures Yer Management has worked with over 250 clients. Clients ranging from musicians, promoters, DJ’s, atheletes, models, entrepreneurs, & public figures.

Yer Management specializes in working with their clients on a personal “1 on 1” relationship. The company offers a variety of services ranging from “Public Relations” (Major Blog Placements), “Audio Engineering” (Mixing, and Mastering), “Consultation”, to “Artist Development”, and “Strategic Growth Marketing”.

Yer Management has helped artists of all different calibers, the rookie artists and also the more established artists. The formula is a structured, realistic, scheduled game plan(s) that fits their clients individual needs/budget.

“I’m teaching other artists how to be self sufficient and independent. Avoiding 360 deals and encouraging them to stick to their roots. I water the seed, my clients just need to branch out.”

Yer Management provides tools and knowledge that allows artists to be their own label, own their masters and control 100 % of their profits without a middle man. Providing experience and endless opportunities for their clients. it’s just up for the client to take it to the next level.

“The key to success is opening up doors.”

Follow: Jake Strain @jakestrainmusic

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