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Jake Gardner: An Entrepreneur Educating & Mentoring Others To Build Their Wealth In The Pursuit Of Financial Freedom


Jake Gardner has always had a passionate interest in ways to create wealth. Growing up middle-class, middle of the pack, Jake didn’t have access to expert investment advice; over time, he realized tying up wealth in one’s home, and 401k was not a pathway to financial freedom. Financial advisors advises Jake to buy stocks and mutual funds, which in theory sounded great. After digging into the research, though, these investments were complicated to understand, riddled with hidden fees, and did not perform to his liking.
“My goal was financial freedom and to increase my wealth no matter the world economic situation. The problem was that I didn’t have the know-how, direction, or mentorship that was necessary,” Jake states.
Jake realized that he needed to go back to the wealth source to learn how wealthy people made and KEPT their money. After reading over 200 books, attending a variety of wealth and business seminars, and forming high-level partnerships and relationships, he devised a personalized strategy for investing and creating wealth.
He began his investment journey by buying a couple of ounces of gold and silver. After starting and selling his technology business in 2019, Jake decided to start Bespoke Metals, a precious metals subscription service to help clients buy gold and silver and provide them with unique financial strategies. Clients contribute monthly to their accounts, and once they hit a threshold, they receive physical gold or silver. The subscription includes a personalized financial consultation and a Bespoke financial blueprint designed specifically for each client.
“We are unique in that we look at the ENTIRE picture of our client’s wealth and customize it. The financial strategy for a 23-year-old college graduate and a 40-year-old with three kids is different. We aim to provide a solid customized plan which our clients can follow and execute easily,” highlights Jake.
Jake’s motivation to focus on precious metals as an entry point was a way to give clients the know-how to manage their financial literacy. With the uncertainty in the economy and the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates low, while printing cash at a high rate, he and his team believe physical gold and silver are excellent starting points for growing and maintaining wealth.
“I wanted to give our clients the opportunity to understand and execute the financial strategies that I use. This strategy includes investments in gold and silver, real estate, insurance, and other types of non-traditional assets that help increase wealth.”
The greatest challenge with starting a business for Jake was execution and results. His main objective is to ensure clients are taken care of in the most appropriate fashion and get what they need to succeed.
“The energy and enthusiasm I have for this business is critical. My goal is to inform and educate my clients to help them. I am not looking for a quick fix, and I want to become a resource for my clients where they can find ways to build a financial future and get excited because there is a plan to get there.”
As for upcoming projects, Jake aims to expand his precious metals business and deliver the right type of financial products and services for his clients.
If you want to know more about Jake, you can also follow him on Instagram @bespokeentrepreneur or email him at jake@bespokemetals.com.
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