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ISTE BIT’s ‘SPIDER: THE WEB CRAWLER’ Hackathon Allows Participants To Learn And Earn At The Same Time



The rays of hope are diminishing day by day due to the present COVID situation. And we are all suffering from an academic setback. During these tough times, the Indian Society for Technical Education Students’ Chapter, BIT SINDRI presents you with an opportunity to learn and earn at the same time.

“SPIDER: THE WEB CRAWLER” as a Web Development Hackathon, brings up an exclusive opportunity. The event’s main focus is to help budding developers showcase their skills.

It is a national-level front end web-developing competition for all the learners out there who have dreamt of building a website of their own. This event gives them the opportunity to launch their websites for free. Divided into three stages, the competition caters prize money worth ₹50k.

Why participate?

This hackathon has some real-life problems and the solution to those via virtual websites can bring up a real impact. As everyone must have noticed the impact of the online media during these situations of an ongoing pandemic, hence, a website having the potential to drive minds is what one can get from this event.

Adding more to that, it also provides you with the chance to learn from the basics as SPIDER focuses on front-end development.

Who should participate?

This event is open to all. People from all domains with appropriate skills are welcome.

What makes this unique?

The hackathon provides you with different problem statements as well as the option of creating your own problem statement because life isn’t fair for everyone at the same place.

The three phases of SPIDER are mentioned below:

1. Team Formation: 

Form a team (solo or duo). An ideal combination for this can be the duo of a coder and a writer.

2. Idea Submission:

  • Choose one theme.
  • Register yourself by visiting the website of the event i.e. https://spider-istebits.web.app before 17th September 11:59 pm, 2020.
  • Submit your code in zip format by emailing them at istebitsbh01@gmail.com or spider@istebits.com before 17th September 11:59 pm, 2020.
  • Upload your code on free services like AWS and Google Firebase.
  • Aid will be provided throughout the event by their technical team.

Note: Do not buy an expensive domain and hosting for this event.

3. Final Submission:

  • Upgrade your code if selected in the top 20.

NOTE: Upgradation Period: 18th to 24th September.

RESULTS: Final results will be posted within a week after the completion of the event on their social media handles. Follow their pages to stay updated.

You can find links to their social media handles below.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/istebits

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/istebits/

Head to the link to know more: https://spider-istebits.web

ED is proud to be their blog partner.

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