Uber, a cab booking application almost every one of us is aware of has been in the Indian market for quite some time now.

The application has also dealt with its fair share of controversies in India including ones like stalking instances, abusive drivers, and even rape cases. One of the most recent controversies though is something I faced myself, as well.

So, a few weeks ago I booked an Uber Pool around the Gurugram area. I called up the driver just like the usual cab booking drill. After wasting a long time in explaining to him the directions, the driver finally refused to turn up and canceled the cab.

As exhausted as I was I decided to ignore this and tried booking another cab. To my surprise, my account showed a Rs. 42 cancellation charge.

cancelled cab scam 1
Thanks, Uber!

Yes, I didn’t cancel the cab but Uber still asked me to pay for the entire time I wasted with the previous driver, despite the fact that he cancelled the trip.

Also, when I looked the issue up I came to know that this has been happening since a long time with the customers.

Now, I know Rs. 40 is nothing but the issue here is bigger than that. It is about being right or wrong. Being a law student myself, how can I let something like this go? So, I decided on complaining to Uber Support later when I got home.

I had a friend accompanying me who thankfully managed to book a cab from his account and saved us out of that situation.

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On reaching home, I complained as decided. After a long thread of messages, I was finally assured by team Uber that the amount would be reimbursed in the form of credits. Now, the credits never showed up in my account. I complained about this as well, that too repeatedly.

When I complained for the very first time.
This was when the credits never showed up in my account & I sent them a screenshot for it. Guess what? No response!

And you won’t believe what Uber’s final statement was. They said I didn’t complain in time, that it’s my mistake and that they can’t do anything about it.

When I didn’t receive a response for a considerable period, I complained again to which I was told the trip is too old and they can’t help it. EVEN WHEN I HAD COMPLAINED PREVIOUSLY!

So yeah, a company like Uber is charging its customers for rides that their drivers cancel.

Moreover, when you file a complaint, they say they’ll give you credits which never show up and finally when the trip is old enough, they just conveniently say, “Hey, you’re late.”.

Normally, it’s just Rs. 30-40 and most of you go like… “Ah, f**k it. Who’s gonna get into this sorcery for just 40 bucks?”

But think about it this way, if this happens with you twice in a month, to your friend twice in a month and so on, how much is Uber making? Doesn’t this smell like a canceled cab scam?

Moreover, the drivers employed are Indians after all. In order to complete X number of trips, they cancel some trips which then show as a ride even if they cancelled it. This is how the customers are being cheated and the entire system smells of scam.

So, while I am waiting for customer support from Uber on this issue till date, you might wanna reconsider whether or not you wanna fight for your 40 bucks or 400000… in the larger picture?

Happy riding!

Source: India Today, Business Insider

Feature Image Credit: Google Images

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