The era of feminism! On my telly, at my college, on my Facebook, anywhere I go, IT’S THERE.

Back in middle school when I first heard about feminism, all I could think of was that if it stands for equality, why is it called ‘FEMIN-ism’? Why not ‘HUMAN-ism’?

But that obviously couldn’t stop me from being engulfed into the vibe of the greatest ever socio-economic and political movement of my time – And so I too started to identify myself as a feminist.

What Feminism Means To People

Feminism is a label used by modern day women to seek superiority of the female gender over the male, all while disguising under the universally appreciated motive of seeking equality.

It’s a word that entitles women to consider themselves better than men because patriarchy oppressed women for centuries and it’s about time they make men pay for what their ancestors did.

A feminist is an individual who continuously advocates the equality of two genders by demonizing one and victimizing the other.

He or she is an opportunist who wishes to solve the inequality between two genders by solely focusing on the problems of one.

What Feminism Stands For

Just browse through Urban Dictionary, you’ll find plenty of such absolutely hogwash definitions of what feminism stands for. And those are definitions that people suggest. Not a single definition actually explains the true ideology of feminism.

Because that’s all that it represents now. The real purpose of feminism is lost in somewhere in time.

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And, all that’s left are the remains of a poorly understood social movement that’s been corrupted and molded by opportunists according to their needs and their wants.

It no longer preaches equality of two sexes.

The culmination of countless struggles that spanned for almost two centuries has all boiled down into one huge disgrace upon the face of humanity. Nobody wants to be called a feminist, anymore.

Where We Went Wrong

The essence of feminism only signified one issue: To achieve economic, political, social and personal equality for women.

It was the need of the hour when the movement first gained momentum back in the late 19th century. And I won’t lie to you, there are places where it is yet to affect even a single soul. This complete polarization of the movement creates tons of discrepancies, which eventually nullify the effect of the movement altogether.

So what is it? Is Feminism to be blamed for being too popular in only a handful of places? Or is it just that the movement flawed in its own?

Here’s the gist of the entire argument, feminism is NOT what we people have defined it to be. NOT everything that goes wrong is because of feminism. It’s pseudo-feminism, it’s anti-feminism, it’s feminazism but not FEMINISM. An ideology that only seeks equality can never be held accountable for the vilification of any gender.

This radical and extreme definition of modern day feminism has to be eliminated. We need to eradicate this mindset because, in the practice of achieving this equality, we have empowered the girl child so much we have actually forgotten that, that girl child also has a brother.

Understand true feminism. Encourage equality.

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