When someone inspires you, you try to imitate them and the things about them that swayed you. Beyoncé has, no doubt, inspired more than millions of people!

When the ‘Single Ladies’ video was first dropped, everyone wanted to learn the single ladies dance and also her moves from songs way before and after.

She is considered one of the best dancers, not just amongst singers, but amongst everyone. So it is obvious that people want to dance like her.

Bey Dance Studio Gets A Legal Notice:

‘Bey Dance’, a dance studio in Australia, was one such place which taught Beyoncé’s move to people who are willing to learn.

However, the studio’s director, Liz Cahalan, received a cease and desist notice from Beyoncé’s Sydney based lawyers.

Liz Cahalan was forced to remove any mention of Beyoncé from her website and also her iconic moves are banned.

Even though the notice mentioned that they could see that the dance studio was out of complete admiration of Beyoncé’s work, they gave a 14-day notice to remove any reference to Beyoncé which included removing the word ‘Bey’ from the studio’s name, using her music in the classes and even mention of Beyoncé in their social media posts.

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The classes still go on but the name of the dance studio is now changed to ‘The Cultmunity’ and they are using tracks by other artists like Rihanna and Madonna.

All that this dance studio was doing, was giving a place to people to learn their favorite icon’s dance move which they could have just as well have done learning from the internet.

But it was not just about the moves, Liz Cahalan has a background in women’s studies and art therapy and saw the dance studio as an opportunity to encourage people to use dance to work through issues like loneliness, mental health problems, and self-image.

It is understandable that Beyoncé has a brand to protect. It was at some point okay even if she asked them to remove the word, Bey. But telling someone they cannot dance like them is really petty.

When you inspire the masses you cannot tell them to stop being influenced by you.

This will no doubt discourage her fans from all over!

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: ABC, Digital Music News, The Music + more

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