Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have been a topic of discussion in the Indian cricket sector ever since Sharma was first spotted at one of the Indian cricket matches.

From there everything happened, Anushka was considered bad luck and accused for any losses that the Indian team saw, a breakup happened, they go married, Anushka was even told by fans to not attend the Indian team’s cricket matches lest they lose it again and more.

But through it all, the ‘Virushka’ pair stood strong and well, correct for most of it since none of it was their fault really.

However, the BCCI (Board Of Control for Cricket in India) uploaded a post on their Twitter account about how the Indian cricket team was present at the High Commission of India in London.

The weird part was that along with the team and a few officials, strangely, Anushka Sharma was also included into the official photo and not only that, even the caption that the board put on the tweet is eye brow raising.

What Really Happened?

The Indian cricket team is currently in England for the Test Series and recently visited the High Commission of India in London.

There the entire team posed for an official photo with some officials but strangely the only odd one out in the image is Anushka Sharma.

The reason she is the odd one out is because as per sources, the BCCI had apparently prohibited the wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of the Indian cricket players from accompanying them till the end of the third Test against England.

The WAGs will also be allowed a stay of only 14 days with their partners after at least 2 weeks of the tour that is supposed to last for 45 days according to BCCI in the future.

So what exactly was Anushka Sharma doing in the official team picture whereas the vice-captain, Ajinkya Rahane and the coach were standing all the way at the back.

BCCI is also at fault here by putting that stupid caption that said, #TeamIndia members at the High Commission of India in London.

The caption makes it sound as if Sharma herself is also a part of the Indian cricket team when that is absolutely not true. BCCI should at the very least have tagged Anushka separately to convey as apart from the team.

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Massive Trolling

Where the previous few times I personally have disagreed with the trolling of Anushka Sharma pertaining to her relationship with Kohli and her apparent bad luck on the team, in this case, I cannot help but agree with it all.

Because the fact is that she is the only partner of the cricket player who is attending the matches and Test series and appearing in such official photos.

It is also a blatant flaunting of the rules by Virat Kohli to bring his wife along with him on such events when none of the other players have been allowed to bring theirs.

According to me, Kohli really needs to get himself in check and stop being so arrogant since he as a player might have made 200, but the team still lost. And this kind of behaviour does not make for good team spirit.

Next time let us put Kohli in Anushka’s next film’s official poster and see how weird it really is.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: India Today, The Indian Express, Economic Times

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