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Investing as magic discovered


In this day and age, there is an app for everything. Your diet, your schedule, your pleasures, your sleep, your money – just tap on the icon on the screen, and you’ll have all you need. Wonderful, isn’t it? To the extent that it is pretty unclear sometimes who does what: your phone manages you through the apps, or you manage your life through your phone. No irony. Or maybe just a little bit.

Anyway, that wasn’t to bring up the philosophy of modern life. Rather, it was to highlight that if there is a worthy thing to have an app for – it’s your investments. For example, you don’t need to watch if you put on or got rid of another 100 grams of weight every day (right?). But you surely want to see if you have an extra 100 pounds today in your account because you invested wisely. 

In fact, it’s surprising how forgotten personal finance is in terms of digital and online management while all that makes your life is now in your smartphone, ready to be measured and improved. So Orca wants to change that. Orca wants you to have your money, your investment, and your future as well-managed as if it were your favorite online game on maximum settings.

Here is Orca’s vision: you being able to invest from anywhere in the world – in a desert, on a tropical island, near a volcano, in the middle of an ocean – but with your phone and the Orca app on it.

We’ve started with the UK, and that’s just the beginning.

Orca’s Philosophy

It would be a lie to say that 100% of human happiness may be bought by money. The figure is incorrect: it is probably around 90%. Well, there is another truth: all the money in the world won’t help you unless you make right decisions. The fact that you are reading this means that you’ve already made at least two right decisions: you’ve decided to invest, and you’ve chosen Orca for it. And there may be no better timing for it – you see what’s happening around you, and the news will not hesitate to remind you. 

You’ve probably heard a lot about investments. Specifically, the “fact” that this is all very complicated, requires professional expertise, experience and knowledge to read the charts, draw conclusions from tons of cryptic analytical data with all kinds of acronyms. Thanks to the movies, you may think that the more acronyms and unknown words you use, the more professional you will seem. Well, it could not be farther away from the truth and Orca’s message for you. 

Of course, you have to be a pro to become a “big fish” in the world of finance. But even Warren Buffet started with simple things. That’s exactly what Orca wants you to think of investment as – a simple thing. So the Orca App was designed in view of this approach – keeping it simple.

Customized, user-friendly, flexible to your needs, open to your queries, clear, intuitive, beautifully designed, just enjoyable – that’s the Orca App. Why so nice? Because we want you to like it. Don’t try to find a trap here – we just want our app to be really popular, and the only way to achieve that is to make it nice – for you. For us, we could have designed just anything: there is no task for our developers that they cannot implement. They don’t care, in fact, to make a satellite navigation software or a platformer game. So it’s only a matter of right tasking. “When you think of an ideal investing app, how do you see it?” – that’s the question we put in Reddit to know what you folks have to say about it. We collected all possible feedback from potential users in Britain, filtered, sorted, qualified, analyzed and finally it all crystallized into Orca – a killer whale in the world of investment. 

Orca’s Power

There was a movie character who once asked “Where do I find true power?”. No, it’s not from Star Wars but it doesn’t matter. With investment, the answer is simple – in Orca. Why? Because it is all-in-one: 250+ LSE stocks, news, analytics, education, and all of that molded into an alloy of efficacy and simplicity. Both the experienced investors and newbies will find it useful – no one can turn away from a true beauty. Here is why. 

For freshers

Do you know the feeling when you want something so bad but you are not sure or even scared of it? No, that’s not what you thought. That’s when you want to invest but have no clue how to do that. Well, as aeons of biological evolution wired the fear of the unknown into your brain, years of fintech evolution made us create the Orca App. No need to be afraid anymore – there is a whole bunch of features that make Orca an ideal app for exploring investment and earning on the way:

  • One-step onboarding
  • 24/7 in-app support chat
  • Educational content
  • Easy-to-navigate app interface
  • Everything done in a clear, well-structured and intuitive manner at every step inside the app

You know, when you ask “How do you know your true love?” some people reply “When I see it, I’ll know it”. We won’t go as far as to suggest that’s gonna be your experience with Orca, but still – you’ll understand when you are in there. It’s all secured. FSCS insures your investment. If something goes in an unexpected direction – Orca support is by your side to help you out. Always. And it’s not robots or robotic staff – it’s Orca supporting people out there, ready to listen to your problem and work it out. 

For veterans

If you are an experienced investor, you know what you want and how to do that, so your objective is to not stand in your way and let you achieve your goal in the most effective way. 

  • News – all important events relevant to individual companies and the market in general are reflected in the app
  • Stocks info – each stock has a detailed description, analytics, features, events, so you can make informed decisions based on that
  • Watchlist – you can subscribe to watch a stock you want and track it’s price real-time
  • Collections – Women in IT, Halal, various sets of stocks suggested from our side if you like categorizing things
  • Convenient search – set your filters and find the one you need
  • Postponed order – no need to stay awake to buy or sell, the price and the time, and Orca will do that for you
  • Trailing stop – no manual moving of Stop Loss from one level to another; set the percentage, and it will follow the price upwards
  • Immediate deposit – second one: you click to deposit, second two: the money arrives
  • Dark/light color themes – your eyes don’t hurt when you look at your favorite stocks at night
  • Process gamification – if you had no one to play with you when you were 5, Orca is here to solve even this problem

Orca’s Values


As a licensed app, Orca operates with the UK FCA regulator, and conducts anti-AML procedures. The app segregates users’ funds, encrypts passwords and provides money withdrawal through the OTP verification. Although orca is easy to set up, it still has a mandatory KYC procedure which guarantees a safe investing process.


As old-style as it sounds, we want to be honest with you. Because we know you will stay with us only if you know we have nothing to hide. That is to say that you see all the commissions before the making of  a transaction – including taxes, fees, etc. Yes, we make money – and we want you to know how we make it. So that you know how the process works and feel easy about stepping in. No subscription packs, profile upgrades or stuff like that – we want you all to have an equally wonderful experience exploring the opportunities with Orca in your journey into the world of investment.

Orca’s Communion

Denis Gulagin (CEO) and Fyodor Panteleev (CPO) founded Orca. Before that, Denis was running a range of fintech projects for PSP, Mobile Payments, Neo Banking, and others for seven years. But then… well, he better tell the story himself:

Initially, Orca was a side project of a finance group – I was leading that project. I offered Fedya to join me because he was the best co-founder I could think of. Then we started assembling a team. This is how the project started. Soon, we realized we have a different vision from the finance group management. It became obvious that if we wanted to make it how we see it, we would need to do it all ourselves. So we left: we made the concept and completed the seed round. It happened in October 2019, and since then, Orca is an independent project. 

Orca Team  

There are 30 people in the Orca crew now: mostly, in development, marketing, and analytics. What unites them is an idea to make the best investment app. Everyone, from the office manager to the CEO, wants you to have a better and a lighter perception of investment.

Orca is not official yet, but we want to deliver its message to as many people as possible. We’ve launched a pre-release Giveaway where you may win up to 2 750 pounds in stocks, with the entire reward fund amounting to 15 000 pounds. You can still join – don’t miss the train!  

10 000 people are in already. Orca Alpha is out there, and we are getting feedback from users to improve it. At the end of the month, Orca Beta will be launched with the full spectrum of functions and features aboard.

After the launch, we plan to make many more stocks available to you and to connect to other exchanges such as NYSE and NASDAQ. As we go expanding, we are planning to eventually conquer all Europe and the US. 

Orca’s Approach

There are many apps out there. But how many of them can truly change the way you are used to thinking of things? Orca is more than yet another investment app. For that, you can have many others. With Orca, you have a different reality, a superior experience, and a better attitude towards your savings. It is financial hygiene and investment literacy. It is independence and capacity to build up and manage your incomes. Furthermore, it is a society where people love a conscious approach to life. Orca offers you to become a part of that society.

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