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Inkjet Wholesale – The Pillars of the Printing Culture


Living in the modern, increasingly paperless world – we often ask ourselves: “Do we need printers at all?” Although it may seem that printing is the thing of the past with people filling out forms online, downloading concert tickets and airline boarding passes to their phones and storing records electronically instead of printing them, one can hardly imagine not having anything in print. Whether you are working from home, or you own a large corporation the sound of the printer and the smell of the printing ink is something many of us cannot imagine our day without.

With printers being here to stay, there is a high demand not only for top quality ink and toner cartridges but also for reliable inkjet wholesalers offering printer ink cartridges for different types of printers at reasonable prices. During their 13 years of supplying dependable quality ink and toner cartridges, Inkjet Wholesale made their way to the top of the printing industry and became one of the best-rated ink wholesalers in Australia. With the extraordinary rich offer of both OEM and generic, compatible cartridges, a lifetime warranty, super saver combos, compliance with international ISO and UKAS standards, and unparalleled customer support with 43 years of experience – this wholesaler has been keeping the standards high.

Apart from offering toner and ink cartridges for the highest quality printer brands such as Canon, Epson, HP, Kodak – to name just a few, Inkjet is particularly interesting to corporations because it also delivers all office supplies that a company might need. Their highly developed distribution infrastructure enables fast delivery times so customers from certain areas can expect their delivery on the same day or within 24h of placing the order. This and the fact that they offer a discount of up to 83% on certain printer cartridges is the reason behind so many loyal customers and years of success in the business. 

Having the lowest price ink and toner cartridges online does not mean that Inkjet Wholesale compromises with the quality. The retailer promises the best quality in the market segments of printer ink cartridges and office supplies backed by a 100 percent lifetime guarantee which enables complete exchange in case of a problem.

Providing technical help and support to its customers with articles, “how-to” buyers guides, refill instructions, tips and tricks, free expert printer support and cartridge care made Inkjet Wholesale, according to Australia’s largest opinion site, customers’ favorite with the company receiving high ratings based on their product quality, shipping services, and customer support.

The world of printing as we know it is rapidly changing but Inkjet Wholesale is efficiently following the trends with uncompromising quality delivered to its customers.

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