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Duane the Author releases his highly motivational novel that will inspire you to persevere through difficult times


Duane the Author recently released his breakout novel, Starting From Scratch: A True Love Story. He was inspired to write after listening to a friend recount her experiences living through Hurricane Katrina and a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. Duane hopes that his work will uplift survivors of natural disasters and show them that goodness can still exist in the midst of even the most difficult trials. 

Although Starting From Scratch is fictional, it is based on actual events and interviews with survivors. The story follows Noble and Abby, two people of faith who are brought together in the aftermath of tragedy to help people rebuild their lives. Despite fighting against pandemics and life-threatening illnesses, their beliefs grow stronger each day that they dedicate to the betterment of others. But not everyone appreciates Noble and Abby’s altruism. They soon discover that an enemy is working against them in insidious ways, breathing to life a plot that will shake them to the core of their faith, their friendship, and their love for one another.

Fans of Ann Rule and Nicholas Sparks will appreciate Duane’s unique ability to blend romance and action to craft a thrilling, atmospheric tale. Starting From Scratch is distinguished by its foundation in real-life situations and current events from around the world. The theme of maintaining faith even during the darkest hour is especially timely and relevant to the modern reader. Duane hopes to encourage his readers through difficult times and goes on to say, “remember that the darkest hour is just before the dawn”. 

Reviewers praise Starting From Scratch as an “absolutely amazing book” with realistic portrayals of human emotion and strife. Readers from all walks of life will appreciate Duane’s sharp dialogue and attention to detail. Starting From Scratch is available for purchase on Amazon.com or wherever books are sold.  

Duane the Author is a 40-year-old writer of songs, poetry, and novels. Starting From Scratch: A True Love Story is his first published book. He lives and writes in Milwaukee, WI.

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