Imagine somebody living in the 21st century and spewing hatred against one-half of humanity online, so much so that millions of followers start believing his views. Well, this is exactly what Andrew Tate, ex-kick-boxer and recently a Tiktok star is doing, and boy is he garnering popularity for his controversial statements which promote violent misogyny. andrew tate violent misogyny

British American ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate has blown up the internet for his ultra misogynistic views. Using the huge following on Tiktok and Instagram, he is influencing the minds of several young men (even as young as 13). Posing as a self-help guru, he directs his worshippers on how to earn money, pulls girls, and become ‘superior’.

Not New To His Record

Andrew Tate is the son of a catering assistant and a chess master and was raised on an estate in Luton. He worked as a TV producer in his 20s and also won world recognition as a boxer. He had begun his controversial journey early when in 2016 he was fired from the media house of Big Brother after a video surfaced of him hitting a woman with a belt. He claimed that it was consensual role-play and that it was a felt belt that does not hurt.

In 2017, Tate invited widespread criticism for adding his views on the #MeToo debate. In one of his tweets, he opined on sexual abuse. “Sexual harassment is disgusting and inexcusable. However, a man looking at you or whistling at you or asking your name isn’t harassment.”andrew tate violent misogyny

He claimed that “women have been exchanging sex for the opportunity for a very long time. Some did this. Weren’t abused.” Thus he said that rape victims should “bear some responsibility” for the crime, a statement implying violent misogyny that barred him from Twitter. He also came under fire from mental health authorities for saying that “depression isn’t real”.

Andrew Tate clarified his misogynistic position over the years. In 2018 he posted on Facebook about a poster at Heathrow airport that was “encouraging girls to go on holiday as opposed to encouraging being a loving mother and a loyal wife”. He underlined this as a sign of the “decline of Western civilization”.

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Fame, Human Trafficking

Tate sprung from near-obscurity to global internet fame in a matter of months. Since January, re-packaged videos of his misogynistic, homophobic interviews have been circulated online, garnering millions of views. In recent weeks, his videos on Tiktok have been watched over a billion times. He now has a following of 4.4 million followers on Instagram.

Members of Hustlers’ University, Tate’s online community, are invited to earn huge sums via crypto investing, drop shipping, and referrals. They are also taught that attracting “comments and controversy” is the key to success. “What you ideally want is a mix of 60-70% fans and 40-30% haters. You want arguments, you want war.”

A video on Twitter has Tate citing the reason for his shifting to Romania from the United Kingdom. He says that “probably 40 percent of the reason” is that it is easier to get off on rape charges in East European countries. “I’m not a rapist, but I like the idea of just being able to do what I want. I like being free.”andrew tate violent misogyny

In April 2022, Tate’s home in Romania was raided under an investigation of “crimes of human trafficking and rape”. A woman was reportedly held at the house against her will, as stated by Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism. Tate dismissed the charges, claiming the real story was that “a girl had been at a party at my house, and her boyfriend saw her Instagram stories”.

Dark Consequences

Amelia Handy, policy lead at Rape Crisis England and Wales, spoke out about the criminal nature of Andrew Tate’s actions, given the massive following he has on the internet. “These videos are a clear example of rape culture, where rape and sexual violence are minimized and survivors are blamed for crimes committed against them,” she said.

TikTok has billions of users, and since Tate commands popularity on this platform, his videos are potentially harmful to vulnerable people. Handy adds, “TikTok has a responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its users. By allowing these videos on their platform, they are failing to protect millions of young people who use their app.” People like Andrew Tate promote violent misogyny and make the world a dangerous place for women.

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