Indonesia becoming the next India. What should you do?

India is getting replaced by Indonesia as the 2nd fastest growing economy. So basically its probably right now where India was 5-10 years back. In such a case, what should you be doing?

1. Set up a BPO or go work in a BPO in Jakarta or Bali. Could life get any better? ;)

2. Go become a retailer there. Sell what? Just about anything. Cause you know, like it happened here, with more disposable incomes there’s everything that people start buying. Hyper consumerism. So make hay while the sun shines.

3. Brand madness: Go cash on, on the upcoming nouveau riches’ nouveau brand connoisseur’s tastes. Start with a replica shop first of Louis Vuitton, Ed Hardy, Polo, Gucci etc and then just open a mall with all these original brands. It should sell like hot cake. Welcome Marks & Spencers or Walmart. What’s not selling there, will sell here. Get a dealership of Mercedes, Audi or BMW. These cars will get more common on the roads than rickshaws too.

4. Invest in property there, with a growing economy, real estate is obvious to boom.


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