New Delhi (India), June 20: Cars are one of the most cherished parts of everyone’s life especially in the Indian lifestyle, as people hold their memories with the vehicle. So people want it to remain in the best condition at all times. However, the distant centers and the challenges of traffic, unproductive hours spent, etc., make it difficult for everyone to take a vehicle to these centers. To come to the rescue of such vehicle owners, the chain startup Doorstep Wash has been launched with the unique concept of providing these services at the customers’ doorsteps. The service is now also available in Indirapuram from 15th May. The company, along with Mr. Nikhil Jain, launched the service to put customers in their comfort zones while getting the work done. 

The working process of our company DSW is such that the end goal is to ensure the quality of work done instead of the quantity of work. The organization vows to meet the expectations of each client and turn them into lifelong customers of our brand. To guarantee that contacting them is easier, DSW has launched a web portal through which their services can be availed. The toll-free number will, in any case, be accessible for the booking. One more benefit of getting the vehicle maintained by the company is that they guarantee that the cleanliness of the surrounding is maintained. 

The idea of our organization is completely different, and the experts have worked leaps and bounds to bring Doorstep Wash the deserved success. The sole thought behind the launch of DSW was to reduce difficulties while taking the vehicle for service. The specialized technicians guarantee the ground-level work for our organization; they are outfitted with very good quality compact and portable machines that make the errand considerably easies. These together make up our organization

To meet their objective and reach the farthest distances of the country, the organization is collaborating with businesspersons to launch their centers as official business partners. They guarantee that the underlying training to the staff will be given by the organization. Likewise, they guarantee that this is a business with lifelong returns.



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