New Delhi (India), June 20: A company that has built a name in a short time since its launch is Doorstep Wash. It is a specialized company that provides doorstep services in the sector of four-wheelers, especially cars. They specialize in getting cars of all brands and models serviced right at customers’ doorsteps. The company has a goal to establish its authorized service centers across different cities to serve the maximum number of people. As a part of this goal, the company launched one of its centers in partnership with Deo Brother’s in Rohtas on the 12th of May.  Alongside this setup, the company also runs more than 90 centers in other cities in India and also marks its presence in Nepal and Turkey.

Doorstep Wash workflow is such that it focuses on the quality of work done rather than the quantity of the work. The company promises to satisfy every customer in the first service itself and make them a customer of their lifetime. To ensure that reaching them is easier for customers, DSW has launched an internet based through which their services can be booked at the desired time. The toll-free number will still be available for the booking. Another advantage of getting the vehicle serviced by the company is that they ensure that the surrounding environment is not disturbed and thereby contributing to the better of the earth. 

The concept of our company is completely unique, and the experts at the initial level have worked out a free-flowing and systematic structure for the company. The sole idea behind the inception of DSW was to reduce challenges while getting the vehicle serviced. Expert technicians are the ones who ensure the ground-level work for our company; they are equipped with high-end portable machines that make the task even easier. These together make up for our successful establishment. 

To meet their goal and reach the maximum, the company is partnering with investors and businesspersons to launch their authorized centers in different cities and grow with them. They ensure that the initial training to the staff will be given by the company. Also, they promise that this is a business with returns of a lifelong.



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