February 28: Started way back in 2019, the company has more than 20,000 young startups network and 1,50,000 young Students.

KaroStartup caters the whole lifecycle for College students to learn a skill, and get them placed.

We never started KaroStartup as a company it was just started as a page, In Sep 2020 one of the clients was looking for Interns, we suggested him to share in our community, and we received 100 applications and they hired 10 students, We researched and talked to 200+ companies. We saw, the same craving lies in every startup. Quality-based and fast Hiring is one of the biggest challenges every startup faces especially in Internships students are not that skilled and there is no automated system for companies.

We started working on it despite there being a number of platforms in the country, every platform takes 24 hr or one day to approve the posting. We saw a big gap when it comes to starting a company with Interns. 

KaroStartup started solving this problem but then again we came up with one bigger problem, there were a whole bunch of students who got rejected because of not having the right skills, they are just applying, we planned and researched and launched Classroom to help students to learn and explore more opportunities.

Our AI / ML system analyzes the application with 3 processes, we check student’s communication skills, we ask objective questions, Our AI or ML bot takes an interview, the very next moment we give 10 best candidates with full of our assessment and the company can just click one button of the live interview or virtual interview, overall the process only takes 10 minute.

KaroStartup classroom is India’s first live classroom for getting training as college students, our live classes are the most affordable in the market and best in class practical learning along with project and lifetime teachers support, the moment you complete the course our algorithm suggest your  profile to matching recruiters actively hiring in that category on the same portal

We offer courses starting from Digital Marketing, App Development, Website Development and 30+ other courses with the most affordable price range between INR 1000 -2000.

We also ask students to enrol in the first two demo classes if they are satisfied with the trainers and courses then only you should pay for it.

Right now we have 500+ paid learners and we have impacted more than 1000+ students in just one month 

Why students love our classroom is because we not only let you learn but more than 10,000+ active companies are also hiring for internships which helps you to learn and also get a placement in top startup companies.

Almost 5 out of 10 students who complete the course and project in 2 months program are getting the placement. Karostartup believes in practical learning and real-time Industry Experience. We have people from the corporates who will train you in the best possible way to do the practical project as per industry requirements.  Our focus is to transform the lives of millions of students across Bharat and provide you with the best Internship opportunity.

Those days are gone when students used to pay huge amounts of money to learn from pre-recorded on-demand videos. Come Experience live learning with 1-1 mentorship from 5k trainers and get placed in 20k startup companies hiring on our portal.

Wanted to be just an internship aggregator platform we wanted to let every student across Bharat get internship no matter free or paid, the whole idea was to learn and get eligible for some basic job.

If you are not up to the mark with our score you will redirect to the Karostartup classroom where you can learn from 1000+ creators in 15 days or 21 days training program and once you complete karostartup provide an internship in a week to those profiles.

Apart from this students also get rewards when they do engage on companies posts and small startups get reach and brand engagement on their products

Startup companies can also create live seminars and virtual interviews, where college students opportunity to learn how a product and services work for this company and in a practical manner

OUR VISION is to provide 10M internships across Bharat and make students ready for jobs by 2025


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