Indian social media influencers have been really taking over in a big way in the digital sector, one group, in particular, are the fintech influencers, also called finfluencers, who are known for giving tips and helpful tricks of how to manage finances in accordance with the Indian economy and rules.

They also advice people on how to make investments, cover tax issues and problems, stocks and more in a very simplified language that the common person can easily understand. But as they have been steadily growing in numbers so has the need to bring them under scrutiny so they don’t take undue advantage of their audience.

Now, the case of fintech influencer Ravisutanjani Kumar has come out where a post went viral alleging him of faking his degrees and achievements.

What Did The Thread Expose?

For the unknown Ravisutanjani Kumar actually went viral recently after being seen at the Global Fintech Fest in Mumbai operating India’s first UPI-ATM.

On 12th September X (formerly Twitter) user @SatarkAadmi (#WearMaskSaveLives) posted a thread on his profile with the caption “Who is the real Ravisutanjani? And why is he faking it? An explosive thread unmasking him”.

He then proceeded to post about how Kumar had faked his degrees and even some of his achievements. First, he posted about how Kumar in his LinkedIn bio claimed he studied Computer Engineering at IIIT Allahabad.

However, as per the thread “IIIT Allahabad offers B. Tech only in ECE and IT branches” and that the influencer’s name was not present in any of the convocation programs from 2015 to 2022.

The thread also refuted Kumar’s claim of doing “PGP in business management and marketing at MDI Gurgaon” by saying how MDI alumni of 2016 to 2021 from similar courses had denied seeing him in their batches.

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The user then claimed that Kumar allegedly did his graduation from ITI and IIIT writing “Trade: Wireman Institute: Govt ITI, Mirzapur Duration: Aug 2014 – Jul 2016”.

The user also raised how the fintech influencer had posted about starting at Zomato as Merchant Delight Manager from June 2018 to September 2018 but his LinkedIn profile stated he’d started in June 2017.

The user also stated “Just FYI, We have nothing against him personally. We were trying to figure out his actual DOB, and one thing led to another to unearth these facts. Happy to be corrected if any of this is not true.”

Reports also claim that Kumar allegedly did consultancy work with his charges ranging from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 25,000 per session.

Entrepreneur Abhishek Asthana, founder of digital advertising startup Ginger Monkey and known as @GabbarSingh on X also posted about Kumar on his page writing “Ravisutanjani deleted his Twitter & LinkedIn. It wasn’t a case of someone with skills but no degrees. He was an alleged fraud at the workplace too. Got fired within months, not because of fake degrees, but because he could do no valuable work.”

Ravisutanjani incidentally did try to defend himself in an X post but has since deleted both his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. He appears to still be on Instagram but has gone private there with around 11.1k followers.

Siddharth Roy an author and community enabler also commented on this situation “Whatever Ravi did was absolutely wrong. He shouldn’t have faked it in the first place, but we as a community should remember not to exceed & cross the line! He got a reality check and we all got to know the truth; we shouldn’t stretch it to a breaking point”.

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