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INDIA: Living Longer but not Healthier


According to the Global Burden of Disease Study, an average Indian lives longer but spends his sunset years in poor health.

Is this the INDIA we dream of??


Comparison between 1970 and 2010

  • Life expectancy of an average Indian male has gone up by 15 yrs and that of an average Indian female by 18 yrs.
  • An average Indian male spends his last 8-9 yrs in a diseased state, whereas a female spends nearly the last 10.4 yrs suffering.


The main causes for India getting prone to diseases are as listed below:

1. IAP

According to the WHO, IAP (indoor air pollution) is the main cause of increasing proneness to diseases as well as increasing no. of premature deaths (most of them women and children). Nearly 70% of rural households in India don’t even have ventilation.Household air pollution from solid fuels counts no.1 in the list of top 10 risk factors for diseases in India

2. Smoking/ Second hand smoke

‘Cool’ ain’t that??

Smoking accounts for the second major cause of diseases. Greater numbers are falling prey to this so called ‘cool’ trend, majorly due to peer pressure. ‘Hookah’ the latest way of terming smoke harmless is just another way you can prolong but not escape diseases’ toll on you.

3. High Blood Pressure

This is the most common factor causing diseases, people are so engrossed in work that the pressure at times becomes difficult for them to handle. Work over health ain’t a very good idea.

4. Miscellaneous

Apart from the above mentioned main factors, childhood underweight, low fruit intake, pollution, high plasma glucose, alcohol intake and iron deficiency contribute greatly to make one fall prey to diseases.


If India manages to cut down its tobacco consumption, lower high blood pressure rates in its population and increase physical activity thereby cutting down obesity rates, India would live healthier and even longer. Its never too late, START NOW!!


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