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Unethics In The Fashion World


Like every profession and every business, the fashion industry too has its own sets of unethical practices , which might seem like a necessary evil. 

A fashion show is all about the designers expressing themselves. Those same clothes could be worn by a variety of people from different age groups and body types. But somehow most designers feel that anorexic models are ideal. The sample clothes are usually made XS or UK size 6 in most design houses. Fashion designers sometimes seems to forget they are designing clothes for people, you can’t design the people too! 
What looks gorgeous on their anorexic model, might not look good on a normal person with pear shaped body. Just like fashion magazines, such an unreal look in fashion shows, with excessive makeup and flooding lights-setup, is like a false dream, which makes the majority of the women feel complexed about themselves. Ads or pictures are photo-shopped and then made to look perfect, but normally people might not be this perfect, which leads to a sort of a depression in women about their looks and body. 

Expectations from models too about their size and body and skin is so compelling that it leads to unhealthy practices. Many of them, in order to remain the perfect size, diet excessively, smoke to kill their hunger, eat and puke out so they don’t get fat! 

Plagiarism is almost synonymous with fashion, like it is with bollywood songs. Copying fellow designers patterns, style, look is seen as a controversy in almost each fashion show. 

And the most pettiest practice in the fash industry here is of stealing each others’ workers, tailors, karigars, assistants, maybe even the laundry guy! Some of whom might even be children employed as child labours. 

While the most disturbing one is that against animals. major fashion houses make expensive bags, belts, clothes, shoes from animal skin/fur etc where animals are either killed or pelted out inhumane behaviour. While harmful testing of makeup is done on animals. 

 By Sruti Jindal


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