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Not long back did the newspapers read of the DU girl who took an auto to her place and was mislead by the driver and raped by the driver and a friend. Yet recently a DU girl was molested in front of at least a hundred people within the campus in broad daylight, and none uttered a word. And now the news flashes, a physiotherapy student is gang raped by six men in a private bus roaming in the South Delhi area at just around 9:30 in the evening in a city that “never sleeps”. 

An immediate question arises What was the police doing?? Well, they were probably just having the time of their life collecting a 50 or a 100 bucks on their petty challans. As the news leaves the city ashamed, and the country being looked down upon to house not people but hounds in disguise; salute the audacity, a five year old is raped in Hyderabad is what flashes on the news right on Thursday morning.
Is that all? No,
Father allegedly rapes his daughter,
Teacher rapes his student,
School boys rape their own classmate,
India has seen it all. What relation to value? Whom to trust?
Is it for this day that a mother feels fortunate on the birth of a male child and regrets that of a female child??
Photo: The 23-year-old paramedical student, who was gang-raped and tortured in a moving bus on Sunday night, today underwent fifth surgery and "continues to be critical but stable", doctors attending on her said.  Doctors at the Safdarjung hospital where she is undergoing treatment performed an elective abdominal surgery --gastronomy and duodenustromy -- and surgeons had to remove her gangrenous small intestine. They said she has lost most of here intestine.  "This was a planned surgery and at this juncture she is responding to treatment fairly well, she is stable but she continues to be critical," Dr B D Athani, Medical Superintendent of the hospital, said.  The girl, who remains on ventilatory support, was taken to operation theatre at 10 AM and was shifted to ICU at around 1 PM after surgery. Doctors said she had withstood the operation fairly well.  "She is fairly stable at this juncture and we have to wait and watch. We would observe for the stability for next few hours," she said.  "Before going for surgery, she was quite alert and spoke to her mother and brother as at that time there was no tube so she utilised that opportunity but her father didn&squot;t go inside," doctors said.  Athani said that yesterday also her level of alertness was good but today since she is recovering from anaesthesia, she is "not communicating nor are we are trying to communicate".  "Her abdomen has been cleaned and it has been closed today. Because most of the intestine, almost all portion, I would say, because of the initial loss and subsequent gangrene is not existent," he said.  Doctors said that Duodenum, which is the first part of the intestine, has been brought out of the stomach and a tube has been put into drain out whatever secretions are there.  She is being fed intravenously. She is getting feeding as well as antibiotics and all her essential drugs through intravenous route.
Every time a rape incident takes place, the authorities are immediately out framing new laws, pretending to implement them, ensuring security and safety for women. The police officials, or should I say, ‘eid ke chand’ would be seen every here and there. And in not more than 10 days the issue, the concern, the laws (like many others) and their implementation, all subside till the country sees another such case being registered and the process continues with the newspapers declaring the count, as proudly as an army official would count his medals, 2,500,000 (arbitrary) and counting…
According to the Indian law, the accused is sentenced to death only in case of a premeditated murder so a rape case does not even call for a death sentence! What good justice, in case done, be to the victim who would now be no less than a living zombie, even if the six are cut into pieces and burnt?
The people who commit such acts and bring shame to the human race sure did not hatch out of eggs, and even if they did, somewhere, some woman did take the pain to give birth to them. Can they not respect the gender for making possible their very existence? God gave everyone a beating heart.

The only beings on the planet, now, who can help the situation even in the least are women themselves. We need to rise and prove to the male chauvinist society that when woman comes to power and puts them to question they wont have an answer.
Don’t fear the wrong ; Shout and let our voice not faint a bit ; Rise and Demand protection, it’s our right and we must have it ; we are as much a respectable citizen of the society as any male and the male dominated society ought to respect us!
Sue the authorities, Sue the police! Get onto your heels! Rise! coz it’s never too late…. We can still save a million lives.


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