Indians can make a meme out of anything at any time, even around a medicine during the rise in Omicron cases. As cases of common cold, flu, and COVID-19 rise in the country, people are rushing to the medical stores to buy fever-quenching medicines. And which drug is better or more readily available than Dolo 650?

Now that the demand for Dolo tablets has surged, people are trying to find humor in the otherwise gloomy situation. Its memes are ruling the internet. We found the best ones and compiled them here for you.

dolo 650

Dolo 650’s owner must be making a fortune and we had to make a meme about it. This scene featuring Paresh Rawal from the movie Welcome perfectly suits it.

dolo 650

dolo 650
Here’s another one

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The supremacy of Dolo 650 is that it treats everything – headache, fever, weakness, and body ache.

dolo 650

dolo 650

Dolo 650 Outsells Calpol

Dolo 650 does not rank Number 1 only on Twitter Trends, but also when it comes to drug sales in the country. The data by IQVIA, the data science company in the healthcare sector shows that Dolo, manufactured by Bengaluru-based Micro Labs Ltd, outsold Calpol, manufactured by the global GSK Pharmaceuticals, and all the other major paracetamol brands.

dolo 650
Dolo’s sale peaked during the second wave of COVID and it surpassed Calpol’s sale for the first time in December

Dolo 650 is one of the brands of paracetamol, which is a time-tested and common medicine to treat fever. It is no different from other brands like Crocin, Calpol, Pacimol etc.

It’s a relatively safe medicine and can be taken by people of all ages and by those suffering from heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes,” said the additional director at the Fortis C-DOC Hospital for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases in Delhi.

It is a familiar name and shows results quickly. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to purchase it from a chemist’s shop.

The memes do help in these tough times. Doctors also are joking that Dolo has replaced the need of pursuing MBBS. Which meme clicked with you the most?

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